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Chapter 443 – A new lease on life (15)

Chapter 443 - A new lease on life (15)

" came out, what about the Jade Lake's Fairy?" Su Luo couldn't help but ask.

Nangong Liuyun was perplexed for a split second, he thought for a long time before remembering: "Oh, are you talking about her? Don't know."

"What? Don't know!" Su Luo was shocked, unwaveringly staring at Nangong Liuyun, the dagger in her hand distractedly sliced by, leaving a cut on his sparkling, translucent and perfectly intact skin.

Nangong Liuyun, fuming with rage between gritted teeth, strongly and hatefully glared at her: "You want to murder your husband."

"That's not it...You left her in the Joyous Conjugal Room, abandoning her?" Su Luo really had a hard time imagining it.

"Then, otherwise, still need to bring her to run away on the escape route? You alone as a burden on this king is enough, anymore, and I am unable to take care of them." Nangong Liuyun said quite bluntly.

Even though Nangong Liuyun used a disdainful tone, however, Su Luo couldn't help but say that when she heard these words, in her heart, she was so pleased that it simply made a person burst with joy.

Still remembered back then in the Sunset Mountain Range, the Jade Lake's Fairy and Nangong Liuyun's figures were like a pair of immortals inseparable in love. When the Jade Lake's Fairy left, she was disdainful of her.

Su Luo's heart was very pleased and happy, she was unable to suppress the corner of her mouth from tilting up.

When Nangong Liuyun saw it, the corner of his mouth perked up into a simple smile, and he gave voice to a soft laugh: "That made you this happy?"

"Who's happy?" Su Luo fiercely glared at him, even she herself didn't know, her smile carried a trace of sweet meaning.

"Exactly, wasn't she just a foolish young woman across from me?" Nangong Liuyun lightly laughed as he looked at her.

Su Luo peevishly rolled her eyes at him: "Oh, that's right, you still haven't answered. Last night, the wind was high with rapid waves, in the end, how did you find me?"

After mentioning this, Nangong Liuyun once again glared at Su Luo very fiercely, itching to pounce up and eat her.

Su Luo's heart became scared after being glared by him, in a daze, she asked: "Did I ask something wrong...?"

Seeing Nangong Liuyun grinding his teeth, didn't know why, Su Luo's conscience felt extremely guilty. Obviously, she hadn't done anything wrong...

"Don't feel like saying!" Nangong Liuyun sent a ruthless glare at her, closed his eyes and nodded off to sleep.

Fine, since you don't feel like saying it, then don't say it.

Su Luo concentrated on the final process of treating him.

The last blood-clotting pill was sprinkled on his wound.

The blood-clotting pill could be taken orally and applied externally to do its job.

This was the most intense medicinal pill, it was more than ten times as painful as before.

Nangong Liuyun took deep breaths continuously, his lanky body was motionless. If you didn't look carefully, you wouldn't find any indication of the pain he was in.

"Does it hurt?" Su Luo asked, her heart aching.

"No." Nangong Liuyun slowly sucked in a breath, faintly sighed and released a breath of air, "Used to it."

Suddenly, Su Luo felt her nose souring, the rim of her eyes turning slightly red. She turned her face away.

One phrase of 'used to it', how many years of painful suffering had he gone through? She knew he was talking about the pain in his body, that would act up once every month.


A trace of shock flashed through Su Luo's mind.

Every month, Nangong Liuyun's illness would flare up and ache for one night, calculating the time...

Su Luo glanced back, looking at Nangong Liuyun with a startled expression. The tears in her eyes almost tumbled out, her voice carrying a trace of being choked with emotions: "Last night, your...illness flared up?"

Yes, that's right, she didn't remember it wrongly. It was precisely the fifteenth of every month that his illness would flare up!

When he heard this being said, Nangong Liuyun was almost gnashing his teeth in fury. He glared very fiercely towards Su Luo: "You are still aware of it!"

Su Luo's heart become even weaker...

Nangong Liuyun took a few deep breaths, finally glaring at Su Luo severely. Slowly stressing each word, he grinded his teeth before finally biting out: "Last night, this king, in order to chase after you, simply...called you and still received no answer!"