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Chapter 425 – A narrow escape (7)

Chapter 425 - A narrow escape (7)

"The disappearance of Beichen Ying and them was part of a sinister plot you set up?" Su Luo tried to divert his attention.

Li Aotian, having heard what was said, immediately started to laugh wildly. "Hahaha! Since you are about to die, then I'll let you become a lucid ghost! Yes, Beichen Ying and them disappeared because of my trick. In fact, it was not limited to this, hahaha, Nangong Liuyun was also put in there by me."

"You--that is your younger sister!" Su Luo clenched her teeth, her expression condensed into frost.

"That was Yaoyao's idea." Li Aotian smiled very arrogantly, "You thought that good luck would only be yours alone? Let me tell you! Before Yaoyao was hung in mid-air, she already got hold of map with all the traps and snares in this stone room! Humph!"

Only now had Su Luo realized, why she had a kind of feeling of being made a fool in someone's palm.

As it turned out, when Li Yaoyao first entered, she had already gotten a map of all the traps and snares in this stone room.

Then, she deliberately locked herself and Nangong within the Joyous Conjugal Room...This woman was truly extremely shameless, to actually use this method to force Nangong! .

Still considered herself the exceedingly refined Jade Lake's Fairy that was above the common people...A burst of nausea surfaced in Su Luo's thoughts!

Su Luo smiled sarcastically while looking at Li Aotian: "Among the common people, it is circulated that the Jade Lake Palace is noble, virtuous and icily arrogant. Supposed to be secular and detached, but who would have thought that in order to obtain a man, the majestic Jade Lake's Fairy would actually use such a despicable method. Is she really unable to be married off? To have to coerce and stick to one man like this?"

"You will shut up now!" Li Aotian furiously pinched Su Luo's chin to a stop and hatefully glared at her: "You dare to say such things about Yaoyao. Do you believe I will directly strangle you to death!"

"Don't tell me it isn't so?" A bright light flashed through Su Luo's eyes as she continued to stir up Li Aotian: "Hahaha, are you killing me to silence me? As long as you did something despicable, you would kill them to silence them. Oh, so is this how the reputation of Jade Lake Palace was established? Looks like you guys are also only so-so!"

Li Aotain was extremely enraged by Su Luo, so his hands exerted even more force.

Su Luo was pinched until she nearly couldn't breathe.

However, there was not a single thread of fear in her eyes. Instead, there was a sneering smile in them.

Just when Li Aotian was in the midst of getting more furious, one could see Su Luo lift up her leg and ruthlessly kick towards Li Aotian's family jewels!

No matter what you said, Su Luo was still at the peak of third rank. A kick with all of her strength, that force was not going to be weak.

Let alone the fact that Li Aotian was basically unguarded.

Even more, to say nothing of the higher the level of a person's martial arts cultivation, their entire body would be defended, but that region would always be the weakest existence.

"Ah--"One could only hear the start of a bitterly tragic shout, and Li Aotian immediately released Su Luo. Both of his hands covered that region, he was in so much pain that he nearly fell to the ground and rolled about.

Su Luo's kick succeeded, why would she still dare to stay still?

She let her foot go and started to run!

Run run run!

Now, Nangong Liuyun was not by her side, the only thing she could do was to save herself.

The main culprit of everything was the Jade Lake's Fairy.

Just recalling this woman, a touch of furious intent exploded from Su Luo's eyes.

Last time in Sunset Mountain Range, it was also because of this woman that she was chased all over the mountains and plains to be killed, practically another narrow escape. However, back then, it was merely third ranks chasing to kill her, so she could still somewhat cope with them.

Yet now, the person chasing to kill her was Li Aotian, a sixth rank existence, only heavens knows if she could escape from his pursuit. If she was captured by him, then it would just be tragically miserable.

Su Luo's figure was like lightning, shooting out like an explosion.

Li Aotian has set up an inescapable trap, deliberately separating her from Beichen Ying's group.The only reason was just to kill her. How could he let her so easily escape?