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Chapter 423 – A narrow escape (5)

Chapter 423 - A narrow escape (5)

Lan Xuan opened his mouth, only after a long time was he able to choke out a sentence: "Sister-sister-in-law, you must believe in second older brother!"

Anye Ming's expression was also heavy at this time, he solemnly nodded his head towards Su Luo: "You should feel reassured, second oldest definitely won't betray you. You must have faith in yourself, and also, you must have faith in second oldest."

Now, even if Su Luo was to emphasize that her and Nangong Liuyun's relationship was innocent, but her heart faintly understood. It was not as if she did not have feelings for Nangong Liuyun.

Su Luo foolishly stared at the wall that was as smooth as a leveled mirror, with her mind completely blank. A trace of pain clutched at the place closest to her heart.

Just a moment ago, she did not misread, on that wall was clearly written three words...

"Hahahahah--" Seeing Su Luo's dazed appearance, the crown prince suddenly erupted into wild laughter just now!

He was convulsing with laughter, with a kind of expression as if having avenged a great hatred.

One could only see him pointing at Su Luo, laughing until he nearly couldn't breathe: "Hahahaha--loathsome girl. You can also have today--hahaha--"

The crown prince laughed until he was free from worry and was cocksure. His pair of eyes were without the slightest scruple, tauntingly fixed on Su Luo, full of a mocking overtone.

Su Luo's complexion was as calm as water, nobody could make out that underneath that serene surface appearance, was a roaring sea.

The crown prince once again laughed heartily with hands at his waist: "Bwahaha, ow, the two of them had entered the Joyous Conjugal Room, oh! Loathsome girl, you tell me, what's to be done. The two of them now are right in the middle of completing the ritual of a wedding night."

Su Luo's complexion was gloomy, but she ignored his provocation.

What the crown prince said was not wrong.

Just now, the three words written on the wall that appeared was precisely Joyous Conjugal Room.

Joyous Conjugal Room...who doesn't know the meaning of being inside this room?

The crown prince still felt that it wasn't enough, so he continued to jeer at Su Luo: "Second oldest really does have good fortune, that is the beautiful Jade Lake's Fairy oh. A fairy that a countless number of men yearn for even in their dreams. Just like this, she was conveniently given to second oldest, however, looks like after they get out, I will drink their wedding toast."

The crown prince was too occupied with striking a blow at Su Luo that he nearly forgot the position he was in.

Su Luo's expression was unperturbed and without a ripple. Her pair of tranquil eyes cast him a glance with a smile that was not quite a smile: "Could it be the crown prince forgot? If Nangong and the Jade Lake's Fairy really become an item, under their united strength, the one that will suffer the most loss in benefits will be you, the crown prince, oh."

Having been sobered up by Su Luo's words, the crown prince's complexion immediately stiffened.

He couldn't help but to be somewhat upset, he had really become muddle-headed by his own hatred. The first thing he thought of was to retaliate against this loathsome girl!

What she said was absolutely right, if those two indeed became an item, the one that would suffer the most damage would more accurately be him.

The crown prince took a furtive glance at Li Aotian, but now, it seemed that Li Aotian was unexpectedly missing!!!

How could he be missing?

Where was Li Aotian hiding? Could it be that he had already abandoned him, the crown prince?

A panicked feeling flashed through the crown prince's heart, but his face was still as tough as before, staring at Su Luo with a mocking-and-making-fun-of-her expression: "This prince had thought to gift you with a side concubine position, but you actually refused. Haha, now, how about this? You think that Nangong Liuyun will still marry you? Simply too ridiculous!"

Su Luo's hands at her side was tightly clenched into fists, but her complexion was indifferent, the corner of her mouth had a slightly cold, smiling expression.

Beichen Ying saw that Su Luo was displeased, immediately, his expression become overcast. He stood in front of Su Luo and with a frown, cast a glance at the crown prince: "You want to court death?"

The crown prince brassily glared at Beichen Ying: "You have the guts to kill me? Don't forget! I am the crown prince of an empire!"

Beichen Ying had both hands crossed in front of his chest, with a ghost of a smile, he said: "What do you think? Just based on a few of you, and think you can get past us in a fight? Do you believe or not that we can immediately kill you and afterwards, destroy your corpse to wipe out any trace of evidence?"