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Chapter 420 – A narrow escape (2)

Chapter 420 - A narrow escape (2)

Everyone was childhood friends together, why would sister-in-law only give one to Little Shadow and not them?

It was difficult for them to approach Su Luo, so they could only watch Su Luo from a distance.

On that peerlessly handsome faces was a pair of deep eyes with a pitiful expression, waiting anxiously. Those eyes cast Su Luo a gaze, as if complaining of a secret grudge, clearly, it was accusing her of being unfair. At the same time, it was strongly asking for her to give equal treatment.

Su Luo couldn't help but to hold her forehead.

What are these people ah!

Why was it that each and every one of them wouldn't learn what's proper, but instead followed Nangong Liuyun in being childish! She wasn't an old nanny that took care of them, okay?

Su Luo put one hand on her waist, while she helplessly beckoned them over with the other hand.

Consequently, the two young masters from influential aristocratic families, with faces raised in expectation and jolting buttocks, rapidly ran over to her. At this time, they didn't pay any damn attention to Nangong Liuyun.

Su Luo took two secret books from her space and handed one to each of them: "Here you go, Little Lan's is wind system, Little Ming's is water system, both of you put it away carefully. Don't say I am partial, oh."

Earlier, when she was picking secret books, she had already thought that she must prepare books for them.

"Yes, yes!!!" The two young masters from influential families nodded their heads hastily. In a kissing-up-to-her manner, they rushed over. One of them fanned Su Luo and the other poured water for her to drink.

How could Nangong Liuyun tolerate these two getting close to Luo girl who belonged under his name. He placed his hands behind his back and stood up. His eyes were like frost as he glared at them.

Following that, the two of them quickly fled in disarray. At once, they voluntarily got lost and arrived at Beichen Ying's side.

As a result, the three good brothers each had a secret book that was suited to them in hand. They stood together in a circle and whispered, so happy that the corner of their mouths were pointed up high. Seeing this, those people that were similarly hung up but did not receive a secret book were so envious to the point of almost going insane.

Su Luo saw their satisfied expressions, and her heart was also somewhat content.

Before, when she was selecting the secret books, these guys' eyes were like searchlights, as if practically stuck to her body. Even if she didn't want to take one for them, they made her feel that she had to.

As for Nangong Liuyun...Su Luo scratched her hair with some doubt.

Before, she was occupied with selecting secret books, so she wasn't paying attention to Nangong Liuyun. She faintly glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and seemed to have seen him not selecting any secret books.

Just when Su Luo was about to ask, the crown prince up ahead brought his henchmen and aggressively walked towards them.

The crown prince's pair of ice-cold eyes stared rigidly at Su Luo, simply wishing he could dismember Su Luo's body into tens of thousands of segments!

He hated her so much!

He practically hated everything to an unprecedented extent.

Originally, everything was well, but ever since this loathsome girl appeared, afterwards, his fortunes started to decline. If those matters were counted one by one, each of them were tears of blood accounts that he could not bear to recollect.

In the beginning, being duped into a fishing competition where he lost one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones.

Afterwards, he was schemed by Nangong Liuyun and was defrauded another one thousand five hundred green-colored crystals stones.

In addition, the Amethyst Crystal Fish he obtained after strenuous effort and with great difficulty, then actually exploded.

If it exploded, then just explode, but it actually caused him to be injured!!!

Su Luo's team had actually walked into the safe passageway by luck. They were unimpeded throughout the entire way to reach the Secret Collection Room while his own team experienced a narrow escape. Finally, most of those experts he brought along had been nearly wiped out.

The matter that made the crown prince most furious until he nearly collapsed was--

He had entered the Secret Collection Room with great difficulty, yet the people on his side were all hung up in midair! Yes, hung up!! Suspended high up in the sky.

Afterwards, he could only look on helplessly as that loathsome girl picked secret books!

If she was properly picking the books, then forget it, but she would pick one and toss one aside. Just that wastefulness, and such extravagance, simply making him want to choke her to death from watching.

With great difficulty, he had gotten out, but all the secret books inside the stone room, without exception, had all disappeared!