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Chapter 419 – A narrow escape (1)

Chapter 419 - A narrow escape (1)

"Eh? What is this thing?" Su Luo crouched down in curiosity, and carefully looked at that fiery red-colored stone.

All of a sudden, she felt her head start to spin with dizziness, as if she was in a trance.

Su Luo abruptly returned to her senses, and with lingering fear, she stared at that piece of fiery red-colored stone.

Something odd was absolutely inside this stone!

Just a moment ago, she had been staring for too long and actually felt that her soul seemed to have been sucked in. It was as if her entire consciousness was about to be controlled, simply giving birth to a restrained fear in her heart.

Su Luo reached out with her hand to pick up this fiery, red-colored stone.

Even though something odd was inside the stone, however, it really had a mysterious power.

She had an indistinct feeling that this stone would be a stroke of luck for her.

"Quickly collect them, there is no time." Nangong Liuyun, seeing Su Luo crouched on the ground staring off into space, he couldn't help but to utter a reminder.

"Oh? Oh. Oh!" With this, Su Luo finally returned to her senses. In passing, she conveniently put away that fiery red-colored stone into her space. She planned to leave it for later to carefully examine it again. Presently, the most important thing was to choose secret books.

Yet, when Su Luo's gaze once more looked towards the bookshelves on the wall, she discovered that more than half of the bookshelves had already disappeared. She only had the time to randomly pull out one last book before the bookshelf completely disappeared in front of her.

What made people even more dumbfounded was that along with the vanishing bookshelves, the fog in the stone room also started to dissipate. It retreated until the room's radiance was finally restored.

The layer of the transparent sphere that trapped everyone became thinner and thinner, more and more transparent. Finally, with a feeble soft noise, the transparent ball split open.

Li Aotian was the first to jump out. The moment his body was out, with a pounce, he flew to the last remaining bookshelf!

The bookshelf on that wall had already faded away until the very last layer...almost in a blink of an eye, it would disappear.

Just when Li Aotian reached out with his hand, the bookshelf very naughtily disappeared completely and cleanly. The surrounding walls were all restored back to the snow-white walls.

Li Aotian looked at his pair of hands that was completely empty. Immediately, he was furious until his veins burst, and sent a heavy fist smashing towards the wall.

It was unknown what material the walls in the stone room were made from, it was simply too hard. Li Aotian's fist smashed down.

Immediately, his hand was drenched with blood and swelled up greatly, but the wall did not change a bit.

Li Aotian was simply nearly insane from fury!

That pair of eyes was bloodshot, and full of anger, he glared towards Su Luo with a murderous expression!

Why would this loathsome girl have such good luck, yet he couldn't find even a single secret book!

Now, Beichen Ying also came out, having already struggled free.

He was like a flowery butterfly gracefully flying towards Su Luo, with a pair of eyes looking at Su Luo anxiously. Both of his hands were tugging at her sleeves, with pleading tones of a spoiled child, he said: "Sister-in-law, sister-in-law..."

That wishful tone with a still hesitant little appearance, that little expression of acting like a pleading, spoiled child...Even with her eyes closed, she would know the meaning he was conveying.

The grand and stately Venerable president of the Mercenary Union, could he not be this embarrassing?

Su Luo helplessly held up her forehead, in passing, tossed him a secret book she had picked up.

Beichen Ying caught it and took a look, immediately, he became extremely happy!

"Sister-in-law! I love you to death!" Sister-in-law really actually selected a secret book that was suited for him! She picked it.

Boo hoo...very happy, so happy that he seemed to think of giving his heart to her, what's to be done? Would Nangong Liuyun get mad? Beichen Ying furtively cast a glance at Nangong.

Nangong Liuyun's sharp eyebrows wrinkled slightly. He directly reached out an arm to lift up Beichen Ying and cast him aside in passing, like throwing a rag.

However, now it was a fact that Beichen Ying having gotten a secret book!

This time, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming's hearts were no longer calm.