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Chapter 417 – Two-faced bamboo (3)

 Chapter 417 - Two-faced bamboo (3)

She was somewhat curious, under such hard-pressed circumstances, what kind of state would the Jade Lake's Fairy be in? Would she be like a delicate white lotus flower, crying for help from Nangong Liuyun?

The Jade Lake's Fairy's manner was a little beyond and contrary to Su Luo's expectations.

One could see her sitting cross-legged, with eyes tightly closed, seemingly not caring a whit about the outside world, as if she was wholeheartedly immersed in the middle of cultivating. That appearance was indeed the same as an exceedingly refined fairy.

Was the Jade Lake's Fairy really this calm and stress-free, with a serene state of mind?

Su Luo only watched her to see, and after a while, that pair of tightly closed eyes, sure enough, opened a thin crack...

Su Luo saw this and smiled enigmatically.

"Be obedient, don't waste more time. Sort through these secret books carefully and pick a few." Nangong Liuyun rubbed Su Luo's head in a pampering manner, and reminded her with a smile.

These words roused her from the daydream, and Su Luo hurriedly nodded her head.

She could watch their good show at anytime, but she had suffered untold hardships to arrive at the secret collection room. If she wasn't able to bring out even one secret book, then wouldn't that be a huge lose?

Su Luo, with an extremely rapid speed, flashed to the edge of the wall. Her eyes were like electricity as they searched the wall.

"Eh?--" Su Luo's eyes brightened in a moment when she found a bookshelf with the space system carved on top.

Methods for cultivating space system?

There were actually space system secret cultivation books, this discovery immediately made Su Luo overjoyed beyond her expectations.

It was known that the space system mage was extremely rare on this continent. The space system cultivation methods that were handed down was even more than a few. Even if it was Nangong Liuyun who set out, it was also nearly impossible to find.

Su Luo had the space element system, but besides using her space for storage, it practically had no other use. This was because she basically couldn't find any secret cultivation books for the space system, therefore she had no way to cultivate it.

But now, such a great opportunity was laid out in front of her...The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a self-satisfied smile.

Just when Su Luo reached out her hand to grab that secret cultivation book, the people hanging in the air all stared fixedly at her.

Just a moment ago, they were grabbing for the secret books when, without the least time to resist, they were suspended up. Now Su Luo was reaching for it, how could she escape this kind of fate? A taunting sneer hung at the corner of the Jade Lake's Fairy's mouth.

Now she was out of luck, but Su Luo would definitely accompany her in the same way of being out of luck. This way, the Jade Lake's Fairy's heart would also be tranquil.

On the contrary, Beichen Ying had good intentions, he slapped the transparent sphere's surface non-stop, trying to warn Su Luo not to grab a secret book.

Because if she grabbed the secret books, she would be suspended in the air like them. Also, once she was suspended up, there was simply no way to escape again. Beichen Ying himself was very worried, whether he would disappear with the Amethyst Fish Place to vanish forever. Therefore, he did not wish for Su Luo to brave this danger.

In fact, how could this simple child know? Nangong, since a long time ago, had already considered all of them to be used as experiment samples.

Just when he was slapping the wall of the transparent sphere non-stop, Su Luo's finger had already made contact with that book of《Space Cultivation Techniques》.

The thing that made everyone gobsmacked was that Su Luo could actually take out that secret book, furthermore, underneath her feet...unexpectedly, nothing appeared to shoot out.

The surroundings was an area of silence.

There weren't any anomalies.


The crown prince was stupefied.

Beichen Ying was struck dumb.

The Jade Lake's Fairy nearly went insane.

Simply too unfathomable!

Obviously, everyone that touched the secret books, afterwards, they would be punished by being hung up. Why was it just her that wasn't needed to be punished?

In the end, what was going on? Who could tell them, in the end, what was going on?! Why would there be this kind of difference in treatment?!

Could it be that Su Luo really was the illegitimate daughter of the goddess of fortune, so her luck was especially super good?