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Chapter 414 – Secret collection room (10)

Chapter 414 - Secret collection room (10)

The people that came weren't strangers, they were the crown prince's group of people.

Originally, this group of people was grandiose with many people. However now, when Su Luo swept them a glance, she discovered there were only a few people left. The rest of the people seemed to all have disappeared.

Right now, the crown prince and his people were also extremely bedraggled.

The crown prince had been blown asunder once by the fake Amethyst Crystal Fish from before, so he was already very disheveled. But compared to the him right now, that before could only have been considered child's play.

The crown prince was covered in blood from head to toe with bloodstains everywhere. Except for his pair of eyes, it was nearly impossible for others to recognize his true features.

Li Aotian who followed closely behind wasn't any better off.

One could only see the blood coagulated on his hair. making it knot up. The flowing blood on his face was mixed with sweat, giving off a faint stinky smell. There were traces that his right hand had been wrapped up before, and there were more bloodstains on his clothes. He looked extremely unkempt and bedraggled.

The Jade Lake's Fairy was also no better off.

She was accustomed to wearing a white dress of silk from head to toe, like an exceedingly refined fairy that was above the common people. Normally, she was always spotless, but now, her white silk dress was dyed full of bloodstains. On her matchless beautiful and exquisite face, there were marks of having been scratched by magical beasts.

Su Luo was sizing them up and they were also sizing up Su Luo.

When compared to them, Beichen Ying, the three of them, were simply too clean and way too neat.

"You guys--" The crown prince stared with shock towards Beichen Ying, "How could you possibly arrive here alive?"

Beichen Ying deliberately tried to anger the crown prince. With an appearance of all smiles and full of smugness: "Oh, such a bedraggled crown prince, must have experienced a fierce battle, right? How was it? Were the magical beasts very ferocious?"

The crown prince glared at him furiously: "No better or worse."

Beichen Ying unhappily snorted: "Who followed you to be no better or worse? We simply did not encounter even a little danger, whereas you guys, hehe, really cut a sorry figure."

"Talk big without writing a draft!" The crown prince's foot shifted a few steps toward the stone door, while coldly snorting.

Beichen Ying complacently raised an eyebrow: "Does it look like we had encountered any magical beasts? Also. why don't you see who is in our team!"

With Su Luo present, naturally everything was fine. All the dangers would stop to move aside, as if there was some kind of halo over her head.

At the onset, the few of them also didn't believe in her. However, the things that happened afterwards kept proving to them to trust Su Luo in order to live forever.

The Jade Lake's Fairy interrupted in a cold voice: "With third senior brother present, you guys were naturally able to avert disaster. If third senior brother was in our team..."

Beichen Ying had a smile that was not quite a smile as he raised an eyebrow. He swept her a quick glance and lightly crooned: "Yaoyao younger sister, this time you certainly guessed wrongly."

The Jade Lake's Fairy sneeringly said: "How could I have guessed wrong? If it was not third senior brother, then could it really be the Miss Su you guys keep saying? Stop telling jokes, it's not even a little bit funny."

Beichen Ying secretly said in his heart: Yaoyao younger sister, this time you hit upon the truth.

However, Nangong Liuyun swept him a glance, then Beichen Ying wasn't prepared to tell her the truth. He and Lan Xuan them only laughed with 'hehehe' sounds. They laughed until other people were upset from the bottom of their hearts.

Just at this time, suddenly, a shadow rushed quickly towards the inside of the door--

Immediately after was another shadow, then a third person's shadow.

"Damn sneaky! Nangong Liujue really knows how to pick up small advantages. Second older brother opened the sealed door with great difficulty but let them take advantage of it!" Lan Xuan was infuriated to the point of starting to yell out loud.

"Then why are we still waiting? We should also go in without delay!" Beichen Ying, without saying anything further, hurried his footsteps to rush inside.

After, Anye Ming also followed closely behind Beichen Ying and rushed in.

Only Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun didn't move.

Su Luo lifted her eyes to look over and clearly saw the corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth hook into an enigmatic curve.