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Chapter 405 – Secret collection room (1)

Chapter 405 - Secret collection room (1)

In the wake of Su Luo's order, everybody made preparations to fight.

Up ahead in this corridor, a tiny light started to appear.

Everybody closely followed Su Luo's footsteps, cautiously and solemnly walking quietly on tiptoes. They held their breath, wary and alert as they walked forward.

While Nangong Liuyun merely pulled Su Luo to behind him, and walked to the very front of this procession.

This subtle action, maybe it was a subconscious movement on his part, but exactly because of this, Su Luo now felt especially warm inside.

She lifted her eyes to glance once at Nangong Liuyun, now, his whole attention was concentrated up ahead, the side view of his face was as perfect as the ancient Greek gods. He had a conscientious and cautious expression, compared to his normal image of despising worldly conventions, it was completely different.

Su Luo forgot who was it that said this, 'a serious man was the most fascinating'.

Now, she felt this sentence was quite right.

She had seen too much of his cruel, untamed appearance that despised worldly conventions, this was the first time she saw his serious side. Unexpectedly, she felt he was especially fascinating, making it nearly impossible for her to shift her gaze away.

Just at this moment, the muffled sound of a magical beast's howl came from up ahead.

Nangong Liuyun's expression changed slightly and he stopped his footsteps.

"What is it?"

Beichen Ying lowered his voice to ask in a whisper.

Nangong Liuyun didn't look at him, but stressing each syllable seriously and with a heavy atmosphere, said four words: "Eighth rank magical beast."

"Hiss--" Beichen Ying and them, the three inhaled a breath of cold air.

Along this path, it had been very safe, not even the fur of a magical beast could be seen. Didn't expect that almost at the end, unexpectedly, an eighth rank magical beast would appear.

Eighth rank magical beast, that was what kind of concept?

The three of them were all sixth rank, Nangong Liuyun was a little better, yet only seventh rank, Su Luo...cough, cough, that little strength could be ignored and disregarded, okay.

Three sixth rank, one seventh rank, if it was an expert from the human race, then they could fight it, but the opponent was a magical beast. When a magical beast was at the same rank as a human, their strength would be greater by a lot.

Beichen Ying suddenly felt an extremely bad headache, and asked with some annoyance: "Isn't this supposed to be the safe passageway? All along the way, it would be unimpeded and unhindered? To actually have an eighth rank magical beast to appear?"

In a split second, everyone's gaze concentrated on Su Luo's body.

The Amethyst Crystal Fish was hers, it was also her and it that communicated, the responsibility naturally was placed on her.

Su Luo gave a very innocent expression: "This Amethyst Crystal Fish of mine is absolutely the real one." Saying this, she sought confirmation from Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun nodded slightly, showing he could confirm it was true.

Su Luo speechlessly grabbed her hair: "Obviously, this little thing told me to take the fifth path. Didn't you say to walk according to the Amethyst Crystal Fish's instructions and it would be fine?"

The three of them including Biechen Ying, with faces full of doubt, looked at Su Luo: "You are certain it is the fifth passageway?"

"That is what the little purple fish said." Su Luo said with much certainty. She once again took out the Amethyst Crystal Fish and wanted to ask for clarifications.

However, what made her entire face become full of back lines was that when she glanced over at this little guy in her head, she saw it was actually breathing deeply, sound asleep. It was sleeping like the dead, no matter how she called out, it still wouldn't respond at all.

Su Luo could only helplessly spread out her hands toward those three people, and told the truth: "It fell asleep."

The corner of Beichen Ying's mouth pursed, he was itching to grab this little guy by the tail and spank its bottom.

"Then what's to be done?" Beichen Ying finally still handed over the deciding authority to Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun had a complex expression as he looked at Su Luo, thought about it and then said: "Luo Luo will remain here, the four of us going over will be enough."

"Wait!" Su Luo took out an exquisite, little red sandalwood case, very carefully, she handed it over to Nangong Liuyun: "You take this, maybe it will be useful."