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Chapter 397 – Amethyst Fish Palace (19)

Chapter 397 - Amethyst Fish Palace (19)

Look at how clever he was, directly transferring those one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones to Nangong Liuyun, while he would be completely debt-free and light as a feather.

As for if Nangong Liuyun could afford the debt, that was not something he needed to consider.

Now, everyone in the surrounding crowd was staring with their eyes opened wide, watching this circle of people in front of them in shock.

They all knew that His Highness the Crown Prince had always been on bad terms with His Highness Prince Jin, however, they never confronted each other face-to-face. At this moment, the two of them were directly facing off, this kind of good play was normally hard to come by.

Each and every person in the surrounding crowd stared at the two people full of excitement, all guessing at who would win.

Reasoning told them that His Highness Prince Jin would never lose.

Their eyes and the facts, nevertheless informed them that within the crown prince's hand was the Amethyst Crystal Fish, absolutely real and authentic!

Then this bet, in the end, what direction would it head to? Everybody was extremely curious.

Nangong Liuyun cast an indifferent glance at Nangong Liujue: "What if you lose?"

The crown prince choked, immediately after, his complexion changed to a smug, complacent expression.

The Amethyst Crystal Fish was in his hands, how could he lose? If he didn't take huge advantage like a lion opening its mouth, he felt it would be a waste of natural resources, unworthy of this chance given to him by the heavens.

The crown prince immediately gave several arrogant, cold snorts: "If I lose, I will compensate you an equal amount of one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones!"

In other words, the two people's stakes were exactly one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones.

Nangong Liuyun, who was always not interested in gambling stakes, this time, he hung his normal attitude and raised his eyebrow, smilingly saying: "Agreed."

"Nangong!" Lan Xuan uttered in surprise.

Even though Nangong's insights were exceptional, however this time... could it be that the Amethyst Crystal Fish in Nangong Liujue's hands was really a fake?

Beichen Ying, smiling happily, bumped Lan Xuan's arm, "When have you ever seen Nangong lose?"

Since Nangong dared to accept these stakes, then this proved his heart was sure of success long ago.

This guy was simply a master at acting as if there weren't any incentives, by no means would he allow himself to suffer a loss.

Lan Xuan thought about it again, the facts were indeed like this. Therefore, he and Beichen Ying speculated a bit, and stared at the crown prince with a laughing look, waiting to see what would happen. Their look made the crown prince's heart somewhat scared.

The crown prince's heart was somewhat apprehensive at first, after all, it was still one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones. Moverover, he still owed one thousand five hundred green-colored crystal stones to Su Luo from before. If he was to lose this bet, he must take out three thousand green-colored crystal stones. Even if you killed him, he wouldn't be able to pay it.

However, when the crown prince saw Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan winking towards him, following this, his heart immediately calmed down. Humph, he didn't expect that Nangong would actually employ this kind of senseless method to deceive him by making him renege on this bet, so childish!

The crown prince, with a few brush strokes, wrote down a letter of guarantee similar to the one he wrote before with Su Luo.

Afterwards, everyone signed their names on the three copies.

The crown prince had one copy, Nangong Liuyun had another, and the last copy was like before, left in Beichen Ying's hands.

"Now, how to proven that the Amethyst Crystal Fish in His Highness the Crown Prince's hands is real ah?" Beichen Ying pretended to ponder while holding his chin, "There is a very simple method. The real Amethyst Crystal Fish will spit out three crystal stones per day, morning, noon and night, not missing once. Then now, must we continue waiting?"

Nangong Liuyun glanced faintly at the crown prince: "Why abandon what is near to look for something far away?"

Beichen Ying, through tactful understanding, immediately added an explanation to that sentence, "The Amethyst Crystal Fish is linked in countless ways in connection to the Amethyst Fish Palace. It is said that having the Amethyst Crystal Fish is like having a sensor and can assist in choosing the one path from the nine routes up ahead. Furthermore, this road leads directly to the Secret Collection Library."