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Chapter 395 – Amethyst Fish Palace (17)

Chapter 395 - Amethyst Fish Palace (17)

Now, the crown prince's entire face was full of joy. He had an air of complacency and a smug appearance as if he had obtained the number one treasured object under the heavens.

He arrogantly lifted his eyebrows at Su Luo, and coldly smiled: "Loathsome girl, you arrived too late. The Amethyst Crystal Fish is already within this prince's hand, hahahahaha--"

The corner of Su Luo's mouth pursed slightly, smiling a smile that was not quite one: "Amethyst Crystal Fish? Where is it, why is it that I didn't see it? Isn't it probably merely just something you said to yourself?"

A sneer appeared in the depths of the crown prince's eyes. He held out the hand that was behind his back all along. In the center of that hand, shockingly, there actually was a purple-colored goldfish.

Su Luo carefully looked at it.

She discovered that this Amethyst Crystal Fish, whether it was size or color, was almost exactly the same as the one she had. The only difference was that it lacked the sea-colored bowl in front of it, and also that flat, smooth-as-a-mirror jade altar.

Su Luo somewhat didn't understand...Could there actually be two Amethyst Crystal Fish?

Seeing Su Luo frown, the crown prince was even more insolently arrogant, and he burst into a hearty laugh. He pointed at Nangong Liuyun and very smugly said: "Amethyst Crystal Fish is in my hands, hahahahaha, from now on, I will never lose to you, not anymore!"

Nangong Liuyun, that matchlessly handsome face was steeped in a wantonly nefarious smiling expression, his tone was low and dark: "Really?"

Such a nature-defying treasure as the Amethyst Crystal Fish, only one would appear every hundred years in the Amethyst Fish Palace, and also, there was only one such fish and that's it. Moreover, that fish was in his little Luo Luo's hand.

The crown prince thought that on Nangong Liuyun's face, he was pretending not to care. but his heart was envious to death. He laughed even more joyfully.

"Nangong Liuyun ah, Nangong Liuyun! You are too self-confident! Too much belief in being infallible! Don't tell me you thought that with that kind of unhurried strolling along, you would be able to obtain the Amethyst Crystal Fish? That all the treasured objects are just waiting for you to pick up? Now, you must be regretting it! hahaha--"

Seldom would he win once against Nangong Liuyun. The crown prince was happy to the extent of forgetting himself, so excited as to nearly go insane.

Nangong Liuyun truly pityingly watched his older brother in name only, and faintly sighed.

How could he have the heart to tell the crown prince, that inside the Amethyst Fish Palace, there were fake Amethyst Crystal Fishes. Moreover, the fake Amethyst Crystal Fish could...sigh, sigh.

Su Luo saw the crown prince jeering at Nangong Liuyun, and she didn't know why, but a trace of angry intent flashed through her heart protectively.

Could be that she herself wasn't even aware of it, but she already considered Nangong Liuyun to be her own people.

Su Luo was determined not to let the crown prince have an easy time.

Her strategy was very simple, it was to sow discord.

Su Luo merely smiled faintly, pointed at that Amethyst Crystal Fish and said to the crown prince: "Really congratulations to Your Highness the crown prince, the Amethyst Crystal Fish is a great treasure, but..."

Su Luo's gaze swept around in a circle, finally fixing her gaze on Li Aotian and the Jade Lake's Fairy's bodies. She feigned distress and sighed out a sentence: "But there is only one Amethyst Crystal Fish, the Li family pair of brother and sister put in a lot of effort and strength, right? How could this Amethyst Crystal Fish be best split then?"

The crown prince was slightly stumped for words.

This Amethyst Crystal Fish was one that he took out from within a stone room, naturally, it belonged to him. How could it have even a hair of relationship to them in the Li family?

However...The crown prince subconsciously looked towards Li Aotian. Seeing his pair of eyes, fixed on the Amethyst Crystal Fish that shone with a burning radiance, immediately, the crown prince's heart was apprehensive. His complexion continue to sink down directly, with an expression covered in haze.

Su Luo lightly smiled and turned her face away.

Nangong Liuyun found it laughable and rubbed her head.

Even though he did not mind Nangong Liujue's attitude, but this girl having the mind to stick out for him, this was sufficient proof that her heart already had him in its place. This discovery made him very happy.