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Chapter 392 – Amethyst Fish Palace (14)

Chapter 392 - Amethyst Fish Palace (14)

The Jade Lake's Fairy's wrathful gaze shot towards Su Luo, furiously saying: "That puppy is your spirit pet, what are you prepared to do?"

Su Luo very artlessly spread out her hand: "What spirit pet? What happened? Why is it that I don't know about it?"

To capture a thief, you need the spoils, and must also be caught in the act, with both thief and evidence. Her little divine dragon had slipped away faster than a thief and wasn't captured on the spot, naturally, she must deny it till the end.

Su Luo didn't bear the slightest mental burden because her conscience was clear.

The Jade Lake's Fairy said in a towering rage: "You are simply shameless!"

Su Luo very irritatedly snorted: "The shameless one should be you, right. You keep saying that the fault lies in my spirit pet. If you have the ability, then take out some evidence."

Whoever suggested it, then they needed to provide the evidence. Before, her little divine dragon was indeed hiding within Nangong Liuyun's sleeves, but later, when Nangong Liuyun crossed both hands behind his back, she seized this opportunity to collect the little divine dragon into her space. No matter how the Jade Lake's Fairy searched, she wouldn't be able to find it.

The Jade Lake's Fairy didn't expect that Su Luo would be so contrary, she once again cried for help by casting her gaze towards Nangong Liuyun.

What made her disappointed to the point of despair, was that her third senior brother's gaze unblinkingly watched that little slut, as if the surrounding people, including her, were all transparent and did not exist.

"Good, very good! Su Luo, you remember this for me!" The Jade Lake's Fairy covered her finger that was drenched in blood. With a malevolent appearance and vicious rays of light flashing through her eyes: "If you have the ability, then hide that spirit pet well, otherwise--humph!"

Finished speaking, the Jade Lake's Fairy flung her sleeves and left!

Nangong Liuyun heaved a sigh and looked at the retreating back of the Jade Lake's Fairy: "From now on, be a little more careful of things."

Su Luo also used the same regretful gaze to look at the back of the Jade Lake's Fairy, slowly slowly, she shook her head and sighed: "Alas, she brushed past a good treasure like this, presumably, if she knew the truth, she would be infuriated to death, right?"

Finished speaking, she raised her eyes and looked at Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun smiled while rubbing her head: "Let's go."

Saying this, he led Su Luo by the hand and both of them stood fixed in front of the door to stone room 123, then pushed the blue-colored button on the door. Immediately, under their feet appeared a white halo that enveloped their entire body. When they opened their eyes again, the surroundings had already changed to a new environment.

Very clearly, they had already entered into the stone room 123.

Opening her eyes, Su Luo squinted slightly because she was assaulted by intense rays of light.

All around was the brilliant light reflected from the Arcane Ice Iron, with a radiance that dazzled the eyes. It was able to clearly send out an inverted image of their silhouette.

Now, hiding inside Su Luo's space's, the little divine dragon's body stood upright, two little paws reached up on the wall in her space, continuously slapping it. His little face was anxious to the extreme, wishing he could just immediately dash out.

Su Luo helplessly smiled, within the time for one thought, the little divine dragon had already appeared on the empty ground in front of her.

The little divine dragon threw off the feeling of vertigo in his head, and when he saw the surrounding environment, his two eyes shined instantly. He immediately dashed towards the stone altar up ahead.

This stone room was approximately about one hundred square meters in area, all around was empty. Only on the stone altar up ahead, there seemed to have something laid out.

Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo followed behind the little divine dragon, and walked quickly towards the stone altar, full of curiosity.

The stone altar, it was more accurate to say that it was a jade altar.

The jade altar was about the size of a ping-pong table, and was carved from top-notch white jade. The surface of the jade was bright, clean and exquisite. It was so clear that it was able to reflect a person's image.

On top of the jade altar, calmly swimming for a long time, was a palm-sized, purple-colored goldfish. Also, in front of her, was a dark green, sea-colored bowl. Under this comparison of the two, the purple-colored goldfish seemed even more pitifully small.