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Chapter 391 – Amethyst Fish Palace (13)

Chapter 391 - Amethyst Fish Palace (13)

Whose family did this little rotten child belong to, quickly lead it home, he really was too embarrassing.

Su Luo speechlessly turned her head away.

The Jade Lake's Fairy was so furious that she nearly went insane!

She wasn't the only person here ah, even though the surroundings were sparse and full of space, but the number of people was not few. Furthermore, most of these people were men.

This way, under thousand of pairs of staring eyes, her always exceedingly refined image of an icy heart and clean as jade, was immediately ruined with not a bit left, by this lecherous puppy! Now, the Jade Lake's Fairy was itching to tear the little divine dragon into pieces.

"I want to kill you!" The Jade Lake's Fairy was in a towering rage. Unable to suppress the wrath in her chest anymore, she angrily pulled out her double-edged sword.

Able to stir up the Jade Lake's Fairy into a violent rage, the little divine dragon could also be considered the one and only.

The little divine dragon, seeing the Jade Lake's Fairy come over with a murderous expression, he instinctively felt a respectable dose of fear. Immediately, with 'whoosh, whoosh, whoosh' sounds, he turned around and started to just run. His speed was so fast, it was inconceivable.

The Jade Lake's Fairy's hair was messy, her clothing was disheveled, and she carried a sword, chasing after him!

Now, she was so unkempt and ragged that she couldn't even be compared to a beggar, wherefore was she still that Jade Lake's Fairy that was above the common people?

Several of the surrounding men were dumbstruck as they watched the goddess in their mind being trampled on by a puppy. Then, she was unable to restrain her anger and pulled out her sword, chasing to kill it. Their hearts were all shocked incessantly, everyone looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what would be good to say.

The Jade Lake's Fairy was at the apex of the fifth rank in cultivation, with regards to strength, hers was higher than the little divine dragon's by a lot. The little divine dragon merely relied on his speed being fast, if they were really to fight each other, he completely lacked the ability to succeed.

The little divine dragon was also not stupid, he turned around and ran towards Su Luo's side.

It might have been due to his instinct of self-preservation, but he didn't even look at Su Luo and directly jumped up. His very small body immediately curled up and rolled into Nangong Liuyun's spacious sleeves, in a flash, all traces of him were hidden.

The Jade Lake's Fairy rushed over with her sword drawn, with her own eyes, she saw that hateful puppy hide away in Nangong Liuyun's sleeves.

Now, she had completely forgotten about her current wretched, ragged appearance with messy hair and disheveled clothing. Panting in rage, she said to Nangong Liuyun: "Third senior brother, I ask you to definitely return that little thing to me! Today, if I don't kill it, it would be difficult for me to eliminate this hatred in my heart!"

Her finger was just in that way, had a chunk been bitten off, how could the Jade Lake's Fairy, who was widely known as always perfect, endure it?

Nangong Liuyun's face had a perplexed expression, his voice was clear and cold: "What little thing, why is it that this king hadn't caught sight of anything?"

Saying this, he put both of his hands behind his back, with both eyes raised and an innocent expression on his face.

Once the Jade Lake's Fairy heard these words, immediately, she felt extremely aggrieved: "Third senior brother! How could you be so heartless? You look at my finger, my finger was forcibly bitten off by that puppy! That puppy is obviously within your sleeves, I saw it with my own eyes. Could it be that you will still harbor it? Could it be that in your mind, I can't even be compared to a dog?"

The Jade Lake's Fairy's eyes carried tears, crying like raindrops on pear blossoms. She looked lovely and pitiful, extremely distressed.

Nangong Liuyun frowned, with an indifferent tone, he said: "This king truly didn't see that puppy you are talking about, if you don't believe me, come have a look for yourself."

Saying this Nangong Liuyun very openly and aboveboard, rolled up his sleeves, and also very kindly, shook his sleeves. He then cast a glance at her: "Look at it clearly, nothing is in here, and especially not the puppy you are talking about."

How could it be like this...Plainly, her gaze had all along been watching in all directions, that puppy simply hadn't fled from his back.

The Jade Lake's Fairy's sight shifted to Su Luo's body.

Su Luo also openly laid out her hands: "My clothing, however, has narrow sleeves, even if I wanted to conceal it, I couldn't."