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Chapter 390 – Amethyst Fish Palace (12)

Chapter 390 - Amethyst Fish Palace (12)

The Jade Lake Fairy's smile was spread wide, she crouched down and good-naturedly smiled faintly towards the little divine dragon. She extended a slender, fair finger to tease him under his chin: "Little thing, is your original body a puppy dog? I don't believe it."

An 'oh' word had just left her mouth, when her finger had extended under the chin of the little divine dragon--

A red light flashed across everyone's eyes and a bloody mist gushed out.

"Ah--!!!" The Jade Lake's Fairy immediately issued a miserable cry, and her hand slapped towards the little divine dragon!

Now, the Jade Lake Fairy's, that forefinger from the right hand that was originally going to tease the little divine dragon, half of it was gone. It was snapped off by one bite from the little divine dragon.

The meat and the bone was neatly bitten off, the blood violently surging forth!

It could clearly be seen how good the little divine dragon's mouthful of teeth were.

The little divine dragon was from the most uncommon blood lineage of the divine dragon among the dragon race. After infancy, it would have the strength of a fifth rank, the him right now had at least had the cultivation of a fourth rank. Therefore, his speed was almost as fast as lightning.

When the Jade Lake Fairy's palm slapped towards him, he had long ago suddenly jumped up. His tiny little body jumped directly on top of the Jade Lake's Fairy's head, with his two paws tightly grabbing onto the Jade Lake's Fairy's hair.

The Jade Lake's Fairy was about to blow her top because of this little thing!

She had thought that with one slap, she could eliminate this spirit pet, she never anticipated that the puppy's speed was this astonishingly fast. It was simply inconceivable.

The Jade Lake's Fairy grabbed towards her own head, she still didn't believe she couldn't even deal with a puppy.

However, what made her want to spit out blood, was that when she grabbed towards the puppy, his body rose like a bullet, and when she relaxed a little, he once again dropped down from up high.

What made her collapse from fury, was that he actually used her head as a tool for his game, stepping on top of it here and there, as if he was walking on stilts. He was also stepping on her very joyfully.

The Jade Lake's Fairy was so furious that she nearly passed out.

Her always perfect hairstyle without a single strand out of place, was trampled on by this puppy until it was simply beyond recognition. It was as disheveled as a beggar's, no, it was even inferior compared to a beggar's grandmother.

How could the Jade Lake's Fairy who always posed as above the common people endure this?

The Jade Lake's Fairy's heart became very fierce, she sent a severe palm strike to swat the little thing on her head!

However, the little divine dragon was extremely nimble, seeing that palm swat towards him, with a swishing sound, he jumped in front of the Jade Lake Fairy's head and grabbed her hair, swinging back and forth in front of her body.

The even more hateful thing was that his two little paws were still very lecherously stepping on the Jade Lake's Fairy's boobs!

Not far away, having long ago pulled Nangong Liuyun to stand in a corner, Su Luo saw the position of the little divine dragon, and she was simply speechless. She held her forehead and looked to the sky.

This was still an infant dragon, an infant dragon!

Such a young age, and it was already this lecherous, once it was grown up, how much more perverted would it be?

The little divine dragon completely did not understand his owner's anguished wailing in her heart. Now, this playing made him even happier.

One minute, he swung to the back, another minute, he again withdrew into the Jade Lake's Fairy's sleeves. When the Jade Lake's Fairy was about to grab him, he once again crawled out from under the Jade Lake's Fairy's skirt. There was simply a myriads of playing methods he employed, there was nothing he wouldn't do, only those that couldn't be imagined.

Moreover, this little thing, he really had a little wolf-like nature of a lecher.

How to say it?

Just when he was drilling in and out of the Jade Lake Fairy's body, he still hadn't forgotten to use his sharp two little paws and thoroughly tear her clothing into tatters.

Starting from when he hid in her sleeves, he had already split the Jade Lake Fairy's sleeves from top to bottom into two.

When he dug out from under her skirt, he once again, conveniently in passing, tore the Jade Lake's Fairy's skirt into pieces.

Seeing this, the corner of Su Luo's mouth pursed and with great difficulty, she shifted her eyes away.