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Chapter 384 – Amethyst Fish Palace (6)

Chapter 384 - Amethyst Fish Palace (6)

At such an age, possessing this kind of strength... Jade Lake Fairy's eyes narrowed slightly, both of her fists were clenched.

This kind of man, how could she so easily give him up? No, even if she died, she would also never abandon her love for him. She would do everything to obstruct other women-

Jade Lake's Fairy quietly swept a glance at Su Luo, a trace of ice-cold killing intent flashed through her beautiful eyes!

A single loud 'bang' sound could be heard. The seal on the palace gate that the combined power of the crown prince's group couldn't even shake a fraction, was nevertheless opened solely by Nangong Liuyun's strength.

Under this contrast, a conclusion had been drawn about both sides' strength.

The crown prince's expression was somewhat stiff. Seeing the Amethyst Fish Palace's gates slowly opening, he surreptitiously sent a meaningful glance to Li Aotian. Li Aotian paused a little, then faintly nodded his head.

Not waiting for Nangong Liuyun to collect himself, the cown prince condensed all his spirit strength into both of his legs. His body was like an out-of-control wild horse, as he abruptly rushed towards the inside of the palace.

Li Aotian was also like that, but he still pulled at the Jade Lake's Fairy, and in passing, easily led her inside.

"Bastards!" Beichen Ying cursed darkly, "What kind of people are these! They were unable to open the seal themselves, fine. They ask Nangong, who opened it, yet they slipped away so quickly like this."

Anye Ming swept him a look: " Don't just waste words, we should also hurry and enter. If we're late, and that Amethyst Crystal Fish were to be found by them, it would not be so wonderful."

Lan Xuan promptly nodded: "Other treasures, we couldn't care less, but we must get our hands on that Amethyst Crystal Fish!"




The three people's shadows passed rapidly, flying towards the inside of the palace. However, very quickly, they felt something was off. They turned their heads and found that Nangong and Su Luo was actually missing.

"What's going on?" Beichen Ying was so worried that he shouted towards the surging tide of people.

At this time, the violent surging stream of people were constantly trying to squeeze inside. Each and every one had bloodshot eyes as they charged ahead, fearing that if they were late, the treasures would be taken away by someone. That cruel struggle of risking one's life in a race against time was a scene that was simply indescribable using words.

With great difficulty, they waited until the crushing crowd all together rushed past, and Beichen Ying's trio finally saw the couple arriving slowly.

Beichen Ying was so anxious that smoke was about to come out, and he urgently shouted: "My great His Highness Prince Jin, how could you still be so leisurely, calm and collected? Any later and the Amethyst Crystal Fish will be gone!"

Because of what Amethyst Crystal Fish? Why was everyone fighting to obtain it?

It was said that every time the Amethyst Fish Palace appeared, there will be a treasured Amethyst fish inside.

This treasured Amethyst fish did not have any other skills besides spitting out crystal stones.

Just like the manner of a silkworm spitting out silk and a hen laying eggs, this Amethyst fish could spit out crystal stones. Moreover, it was not only once a day, but it spits out according to the three meals timetable, so three pieces a day. If you obtained this Amethyst Crystal Fish, then in the future, you wouldn't need to worry about crystal stones.

Furthermore, there were no rules to the crystal stones it disgorged, it was said that it depended completely on luck and a person's character. If the character was bursting with greatness, then spitting out a purple crystal stone was also possible!

And also, this Amethyst fish's lifespan was only one hundred years. Until the next time the Amethyst Fish Palace opened, the former Amethyst fish would have accomplished its glorious task and retired from use.

Since it was like this, the Amethyst fish was still the main target that all the influential parties wanted control of.

Su Luo could understand Beichen Ying's edginess.

However, Nangong Liuyun did not seem to be in the least bit of hurry. He raised an eyebrow slightly with a calm and composed manner, and dismissed Beichen Ying with just four words: "You guys go first."

"What about you?" Beichen Ying asked in a loud voice.

"Don't tell me that the three of you are still no match for those few useless people?" Nangong Liuyun smiled devilishly, raising an eyebrow while watching Beichen Ying and them.