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Chapter 383 – Amethyst Fish Palace (5)

Chapter 383 - Amethyst Fish Palace (5)

Nangong Liuyun gave a devilishly charming smile: "How could this king be willing to let you act as a villain? Okay okay, this king will put forth the effort, and all the credit will be assigned to you."

Heavens, heavens, God--

Was this man really His Highness Prince Jin? That legendary, rumored to be bloodthirsty, cruel and excessively ruthless, a commander who directly cut off the arms of a Princess without blinking an eye, that His Highness Prince Jin? This was simply too uncharacteristic of him.

Jade Lake's Fairy was even more furious, to the point she had bitten her lip until it bled. Her hands were clenched tightly into fists, the veins hidden within the sleeves of her garment had burst out and were bulging, continuously trembling.

Under countless gazes, Su Luo knew when to stop: "This way is actually pretty good, you should go quickly."

Saying this, she directly pushed Nangong Liuyun to the front of the wooden hinged gate, her movement seemed as though she was quite familiar with him.

This action again raised endless exclamations of alarmed surprise from everyone.

An average person who would dare turn his back to others? Let alone when it comes to an expert, like His Highness Prince Jin? An ordinary person simply couldn't even get close to his back, alright?

But not only was Su Luo able to do it, she also did it with extreme familiarity, it was clear to see how much His Highness Prince Jin trusted her!

Ignoring all the shocked gazes in her surroundings, Su Luo indifferently stood at the side, watching Nangong Liuyun with an expression that was calm and unruffled despite being in the midst of chaos.

Beichen Ying had both his hands at his waist, sizing up this imposing building, looking at it up and down. He couldn't help but lament: "Everyone said the Amethyst Fish Palace was grand and majestic, today at last, I'm finally able to see it, as expected it lives up to its reputation."

Lan Xuan kicked him with his foot: "Don't waste unnecessary words, hurry over to help open the seal."

Nangong Liuyun swept them with a faint glance, and firmly lifted his hands: "No need."

Could it be that His Highness Prince Jin wanted to open the seal with only his own strength? This was not possible right? Just now, when all of those people had gathered together their strength, that gate didn't even move a single jot.

Nangong Liuyun quietly sized up that gate, carefully observing, his figure seemed to have stood there for long time, as if since the ancient times, his back was lean and peaceful. His body seemed to have a faint layer of radiance.

The surroundings were very quiet, everyone was stupidly watching His Highness Prince Jin. None of them understood why he was standing there completely motionless.

Approximately one hour later, the corner of Nangong Liuyun's mouth suddenly raised into an evidently smiling expression. He raised the sleeve of his garment carelessly, and directly in front of him, a rapidly rotating circular halo took form. Within this diagram, it seemed to contain inexhaustible spiritual power.

"Go!" Nangong Liuyun burst out loudly. That circular halo then gushed forth towards the palace gate in a manner akin to the raging waves in a stormy sea, with a vastly imposing manner, an unstoppable force.


When the circular halo ploughed into the palace gate, it issued the sound of a heavy hit. The air sent 'zing, zing' noises, this part of the world seemed to rock violently.

"The seal is about to be broken..." The face of everyone's deathly pale complexions was reflected in the light of the circular halo.

The curtain of light enveloping the palace gate that originally obstructed everyone from entering, was currently cracking open with a speed visible to the naked eye, gradually turning into nothingness.

All the people in the surrounding area had retreated far away, for fear that the powerful waves of spirit power would affect them.

However, their facial expressions right now were shocked to the extent of incredulous disbelief.

Such a formidable strength, such a fierce wave of spiritual force!

In addition, what was even rarer was that His Highness Prince Jin's full use of his spirit power, had in the end, practically reached the level of perfection. It simply made people admire him to the point of prostrating themselves in adoration.

People able to come to the Amethyst Thorned Island could not be ordinary. They had more or less already seen other seven rank experts, but they simply hadn't seen anyone as formidably powerful as His Highness Prince Jin.

Jade Lake's Fairy was foolishly gazing at Nangong Liuyun with deep love, her pair of beautiful eyes was glittering with such worship that she nearly become an imbecile.

His seven rank strength was nearly negligible in difference with her father, who was at the eighth rank. If they fought with each other, the outcome was simply too hard to guess.