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Chapter 379 – Amethyst Fish Palace (1)

Chapter 379 - Amethyst Fish Palace (1)

In the wake of that girl constantly demonstrating her extraordinary talent, the crown prince also had to admit that before, his vision was not good, letting go of such a hen that could lay golden eggs.

Recalling that he owed her one thousand, five hundred pieces of green-colored crystal stones, immediately, the crown prince's face sank to the point that water could drip out.

The Jade Lake's Fairy frowned, with some displeasure, she snorted out: "Isn't she just a good-for-nothing waste? Why are you still hesitant?"

A good-for-nothing waste?

The crown prince suddenly looked at the Jade Lake's Fairy with a speechless expression.

That girl's reputation was not good, the label of a good-for-nothing waste was stuck to her body for more than ten years. Also, because of this, in order to get rid of this burden, he had employed a stratagem to break off the engagement, but was the truth really like this?

She could treat Su Qing, who was praised as the new generation's gifted genius, as a rival, then setting up a life and death duel with her.

She could hook so many Amethyst Thorned fishes under thousands of pairs of staring eyes, and strike him until he was too ashamed to show his face.

This kind of her, was still that good-for-nothing from that time? Basically, this was completely a different person, alright?

The crown prince slowly shook his head, stressing each word, saying: "Jade Lake's Fairy, I'm afraid your information is somewhat behind. Could it be you don't know that now, Su Luo is already at the third rank in strength?"

In her age group, having this kind of cultivation, even if it was not regarded as a genius, it was still considered outstanding.

Sure enough, the Jade Lake's Fairy frowned, saying in displeasure: "What? She...actually is a third rank? No wonder..."

No wonder that the several maids she sent, each and every one of them never came back. In all likelihood, they were all killed by her!

So, it turned out that Su Luo, for so many years past, was concealing her strength and biding her time. In front of people, she was considered a good-for-nothing. No wonder she was able to seduce third senior brother until he was infatuated, head over heels in love. She was really a character.

However, merely a third rank.....He he, also merely a third rank and nothing more.

"Not only that but..." The crown prince let out a faint sigh, "Jade Lake's Fairy, there is something you are not aware of, don't know what secret is on this loathsome girl's body, today, her talents shined and seized everyone's eyes.

"What do you mean?" The Jade Lake's Fairy frowned.

"As expected, the Jade Lake's Fairy does not know. Alas, do you know who hooked the most Amethyst Thorned fishes today?" The crown prince's expression was somewhat despondent. This was the deepest pain in his heart.

"Don't tell me it wasn't third senior brother?" The Jade Lake's Fairy asked, somewhat astonished.

In previous years, the one who hooked the most fish was undeniably third senior brother, there was simply no need for doubt.

"Not him." The crown prince replied simply.

"Then who?"

"A person you will never guess, no matter how many tries." The crown prince's expression was very complicated.

"Don't tell me, that person is...Su Luo?" The Jade Lake's Fairy uttered in surprise. Afterwards, her mouth hooked into a sneer, and felt that her own notion was simply too absurd.

How could it be her? Even if her cultivation now was at the third rank, among this group of people, that was at the very bottom. How could she even hook one fish? Even if she could hook one or two fishes, then her luck was already considered pretty good.

But the crown prince's words thoroughly smashed her daydream.

"You guessed right, today, the person that hooked the most Amethyst Thorned fish, is not a stranger, but is precisely that loathsome girl!" Whenever the crown prince spoke of this, he would fume with rage between gritted teeth. He wished that time would flow backwards, returning him to before he made the bet with her.

If it was only this loathsome girl betting with him, then forget it, as it happened, Beichen and those people also all took part in it, making him unable to breach the contract like he wanted to.

"What did you say?!" The Jade Lake's Fairy, who originally sat on the chair made out of red sandalwood, stood up in a flash. Her pair of eyes were brimming with a burning radiance. She grabbed the crown prince's collar, looking malevolent and vengeful: "I order you to say it again!"