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Chapter 372 – Jade Lake’s Fairy (4)

Chapter 372 - Jade Lake's Fairy (4)

Without waiting for Nangong Liuyun to speak, she again smilingly said to Su Luo: "Miss Su, Nangong is just like this, didn't take care of you satisfactorily before, so please don't mind it."

She had the posture of a main female hostess.

Su Luo indifferently cast Nangong Liuyun a glance, the corner of her mouth rising into a ridiculing arc.

It was not that long ago, that this man was determined to hold her hand and lead her walking by in front of everyone while strutting around. He had an appearance of cupping a treasure in the center of his palm. Right now, she seemed to be superfluous, no, not seeming, rather, of course she was superfluous.

Could it be she was merely there to fill in the loneliness, emptiness and coldness when the Jade Lake's Fairy was not around?

Su Luo had this ridiculing expression as she looked at Nangong Liuyun, but this stingy guy didn't even bother to give her a glance and directly acted as if she didn't exist.

Men ah, truly mercurial! Su Luo's heart was sour, and slanted her head away to look at the landscape outside.

Beichen Ying was always aware of Li Yaoyao's gentle, soft and tender appearance on the surface, while her heart was incomparably strong. He saw Su Luo's dramatic change, and wanted to say something to rectify this, but was broken off by Su Luo.

Su Luo smilingly said: "What taking offense? The Jade Fairy is being overly sensitive."

Su Luo conceded to her the position of main female hostess on Nangong Liuyun's yacht.

She had numerous words that would put the Jade Lake's fairy on the spot, however...was it worth it?

This man's heart, from beginning to end, only had the Jade Lake's fairy, not a single moment would he not protect her. Again, for what reason, should she vie for him with the Jade Lake's Fairy? What was there that was worth fighting over? Could she even manage to win it over? Even if she was able to win it over, what was the use?

However, Su Luo had not anticipated that Nangong Liuyun's face would, in an instant, condense into frost. His pair of beautiful eyes was like a millennium-old glacier, revealing sharp, ice-cold rays of light, giving off a trace of cold intent.

The Jade Lake's Fairy didn't seem to be aware of it and smilingly said to Su Luo: "That's right, is Miss Su also here to hook some Amethyst Thorned fishes?"

"Came to see the world." Su Luo stingily and lightly replied.

The Jade Lake's Fairy saw Su Luo's lonely expression and smiling in a consoling manner, said: "Miss Su, you need not be so broken-hearted, Amethyst Thorned fishes are usually hard to catch. Even more so with your foundations...therefore, not catching one is reasonable. When I was five years old, it was my first time coming, and back then, I also didn't catch a single fish. Therefore, you really needn't be so heartbroken."

Once these words were said, the expressions of everyone present were even stranger than before.

The Jade Lake's Fairy was immersed in the joy of Su Luo automatically withdrawing and the blow she dealt her, that she became so careless as to not sense the peculiarity in people's expressions. Her smile was as splendid and dazzling as a hundred flowers.

But a mocking expression flashed through Su Luo's eyes.

The Jade Lake's Fairy's heart was thrown into disorder.

The person who had the so-called concerned mind was now thrown into upheaval. Such a noble, virtuous and aloof little princess from the Jade Lake Palace, because of Nangong Liuyun, let go of her womanly appearance to personally go into battle and ended up humiliating herself. It also could be considered too tough on her.

What meanings her words had, everybody was well aware of, unfortunately, her news lagged behind too much. And she still wasn't aware that Su Luo was now a third rank, and not a good-for-nothing waste anymore.

She held the five-year-old her in comparison to Su Luo...She really thought too highly of herself ah.

Su Luo's eyes that could distinguish black from white was like water, so clear you could see to the bottom. Her gaze met those of the Jade Lake's Fairy's, and the corner of Su Luo's eyes poked up as the corner of her mouth hooked up slightly, indifferently saying: "The Jade Lake's Fairy, you mustn't console me. Why is it that I feel more heartbroken the more you try to console me?"

The Jade Lake's Fairy, this 'giving oneself airs of consoling', if the essence of her heart fell short just a little, then wasn't it that the more you listen to her, the more deeply hurt you feel?

But Su Luo's truthful sentence was like poking at a bee's nest, one could only see the Jade Lake's Fairy's expression freezing, momentarily, a layer of shallow fog appeared in that pair of huge, clear eyes. She gave off an appearance of having her heart seriously wounded.