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Chapter 371 – Jade Lake’s Fairy (3)

Chapter 371 - Jade Lake's Fairy (3)

Thus, Lan Xuan sold Beichen Ying's awkward incident without any hesitation nor guilt. One could only see him covering his stomach and laughing heartily for quite a while.

Finally, he slowly began to speak, "Sister-in-law, you may not know, at that time, we were still kids. Beichen Family was celebrating his father's birthday, and we all followed our elders and went to Beichen Palace. That year, there were people gifting Amethyst Thorned Fish to congratulate him, and indeed, that Amethyst Thorned fish's size was truly huge.That fish was about several hundred years old, and it was almost going to become a mystical spirit. At that time, Beichen's old man was extremely happy and was saving it in preparation for other important uses. But several of us, being underaged and ignorant, stole that Amethyst Thorned fish, ran behind the mountain, and roasted it."

Explaining up to here, Lan Xuan paused, as if the things that happened afterwards were too funny. And again, he covered his stomach and started to laugh uproariously with 'ow, ow, ow' sounds.

Anye Ming couldn't stand it any longer: "Are you still going to tell it or not? If you won't tell it, then I will." It just so happened that he could split that one hundred Amethyst Thorned fishes in half.

Lan Xuan, with one hand, pushed Anye Ming aside and seized the opportunity to sit by Su Luo's side. Smiling, he continued to explain it to her: "Afterwards, this matter, we naturally were unable to conceal it. After Beichen Ying's old man found out, he was infuriated half to death. Beichen Ying's elder uncle was even more straightforward. He dangled little Shadow (1) back home and was going to beat him with a wooden plank. At that time, the few of us were extremely scared, in the end, it was Nangong who came up with a plan. Can you guess what method he came up with?

Beat with a wooden plank? But with Nangong there to come up with a plan, very likely, this scene of Beichen Ying undergoing corporal punishment, Beichen Ying would not be eating a loss.

Su Luo smiled while shaking her head, Lan Xuan had a worshipful expression as he said: "For sure, you would not have imagined it. Back then, nobody knows where Nangong stole a fresh piece of meat from the magical beast Iron Armed Ape. He stuck it firmly to the back of Beichen's butt, consequently, when Beichen's elder uncle struck down with the plank, immediately, Beichen's little butt was saturated with bloodstains, it was a carnage with blood and flesh flying. Right away, it frightened Beichen's elder uncle until his face was green. Hahahahaha--"

She didn't expect that the current them, where each and every one of them were full of noble aura, would be this naughty in their childhood.

Su Luo seemed very interested and asked: "And afterwards?"

"Afterwards, Beichen's grandmother's heart was so distressed and regretful that she almost swooned. Completely disregarding the full house of guests, she immediately lifted her walking stick and chased after Beichen's elder uncle around the courtyard while hitting him with her walking stick. Beichen's old man was not careful and was also hit a few times, hahahaha--" Recalling this awkward incident at that time, Lan Xuan held his stomach, laughing until he almost started to roll around on the ground.

Having gone through Lan Xuan's period of impromptu comical material, the stiff atmosphere eased up somewhat. Su Luo couldn't help but have a little more of a favorable impression of this lively Lan Xuan. She felt that he was a good kid and decided to gift him a few more Amethyst Thorned fishes for free.

The Jade Lake's fairy naturally knew this entertaining story more clearly than Su Luo, what she noticed was not this story per se, rather, how Lan Xuan addressed Su Luo.

Lan Xuan inadvertently said 'sister-in-law', perhaps, he didn't even remember it himself. However, the sensitive Jade Lake's Fairy, how could she not have heard?

The hands she concealed in her sleeves tightened some more, then her face burst open into a quiet and content smiling expression. With a reproachful expression, she annoyedly took a quick glance at Lan Xuan: "What are you doing, saying this kind of stuff in front of Miss Su? It's not as if she is a person from our circle. If she knows too much, on the contrary, it would not be good for her."

She turned and smilingly looked at Su Luo: "Miss Su, I speak pretty bluntly. You will not take offense, right?"

The Jade Lake's Fairy wouldn't feel at ease if she didn't suppress Su Luo every moment.

Su Luo raised an eyebrow and smiled, declining to comment.

The Jade Lake's Fairy smilingly looked at Nangong Liuyun, shaking his sleeves and pouting playfully, said: "Third senior brother, weren't you just chatting very easily with Miss Su? Why is it that now you are ignoring her? Third senior brother is really too much, I just arrived here, and at once, you snubbed Miss Su. How would others see me as?"

1) I'm just going to do a direct translation of Beichen Ying's nickname here. The Ying in Beichen Ying is part of the word 'shadow' in English. Adding the give you the complete English word shadow. So I'm just going to translate it as Little Shadow rather than Little Ying Zi.