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Chapter 370 – Jade Lake’s Fairy (2)

Chapter 370 - Jade Lake's Fairy (2)

Nangong Liuyun, Beichen Ying said you seldom open your heart and treat someone well, did you know I believed it? A little bit, just short by a little bit, I would have started to like you... Short by just a little bit...

As expected, the safest way was to strictly guard one's own heart. She must not lightly hand over her heart.

Su Luo, ah, Su Luo, have you forgotten the painful lesson from the previous life? Now, you still want to follow the path to disaster? Fancy that you still call yourself someone who had lived two lifetimes, you actually couldn't even see this reason clearly!

A self-deprecating bitter smile played across Su Luo's face, a lonely and pained look flashed through her eyes.

Beichen Ying noticed that although Su Luo's face was unaffected, yet her tranquil, deep eyes were like condensed frost. His heart felt somewhat apologetic, and giving a clear cough, interrupted the two people's intimate heated chat.

"Yaoyao younger sister, you guys also appearing is too coincidental, right? We only just discovered the Amethyst Fish Palace ah? And you guys just happen to come over?"

Jade Lake Fairy paused, her smile was shallow and pure, mysterious and charming: "Venerable grandfather predicted that there was unusual movement on the East Sea and calculating the time, figured it was extremely possible for the Amethyst Fish Palace to appear. As a result, we came."

A simple short piece of dialogue, broke off that vague,charmingly and gentle atmosphere from a moment ago.

"The orders of grandfather shows he is truly quick-witted and clever, worthy of being called Jade Lake Palace's Sea Stabilizing Divine Needle (1), a position no one is able to shake." Beichen Ying's smile was not quite a smile.

The Jade Lake Fairy smilingly started to chat with Beichen Ying: "Oh, that's right, you guys came to fish for Amethyst Thorned Fish, right? Did you hook some? Let's roast some fish to eat, what do you say?"

Lan Xuan cast a quick glance at the Jade Lake's Fairy: "Beichen's buttock was beaten to pieces by his old man, so he remembers his lessons, where would he still find the courage to eat it?"

The Jade Lake's Fairy appeared to have recalled something, then covered her vermillion lips and was consumed by laughter.

This emotion and this scenery, Su Luo's eyes slightly narrowed, it gave her an illusion of being outside looking in.

With just that one topic, the Jade Lake Fairy was able to lead them to their youthful years. This kind of being excluded feeling that was saying 'all of us are childhood friends that played and grew up together with everything being understood among us, whereas you are merely an outsider who shouldn't even think of coming in as an interloper'. This made Su Luo feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Lan Xuan saw Su Luo's expression was dim, and he smilingly approached her: "Sister-in-law, you still haven't heard of this awkward incident of Beichen's, right? Come, come, come, one hundred Amethyst Thorned fish..."

Lan Xuan had not yet finished speaking, before the Jade Lake's Fairy cut in first. She protested coquettishly and slanted a glance at Lan Xuan: "What nonsense are you saying? You haven't even looked to see if Miss Su could even hook one hundred Amethyst Thorned fish first? Even one fish is unlikely, okay? And you still ask for so much like a lion with it mouth open wide."

Only after she finished, did she become aware that she might have said too much. So, she smiled towards Su Luo: "Miss Su, don't take any offense, I was merely stating the truth, there wasn't any intent to look down on you."

If she didn't say anything, then it was not that bad. Once it was said, it seemed even more like she was trying to cover it up but was just making it worse.

If it was to be said that the Jade Lake's Fairy was merely inserting a sharp knife a moment ago, then the sentence just now was like pulling that knife out, and at exactly the same place, she stabbed the knife in deeply once again.

At this moment, Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming, all three of their complexions were slightly strange. Beichen Ying gave an even clearer cough, and tilted his head away. He really couldn't steel himself to the task of telling this story in order to strike a blow at Li Yaoyao.

Su Luo smiled lightly, expressing that she didn't care, and then nodded towards Lan Xuan: "You speak."

This showed she agreed to this business transaction.

In any case, Su Luo girl was rich and imposing, it was merely a hundred Amethyst Thorned fish and nothing more. In front of her type of rich, conspicuous spender, what did a mere hundred Amethyst Thorned fish count as? If he was to take a little, she still would have a fortune left.

Lan Xuan's heart was immediately jubilant, and he shifted towards Su Luo's current position.

1) Sea Stabilizing Divine Needle: The backbone or pillar that held the family up.