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Chapter 369 – Jade Lake’s Fairy (1)

Chapter 369 - Jade Lake's Fairy (1)

She was unlike other aristocratic family's women that would immediately show her haughtiness on the surface. The Jade Lake's Fairy cast an indifferent gaze at Su Luo, a pure, shallow, smiling expression appeared on her face: "Miss Su is also here."

Su Luo smiled: "Yes, what a coincidence."

The two people finished greeting each other in a manner that was neither warm nor cold, and didn't speak again.

At this moment, from behind the Jade Lake's Fairy body, walked out a man.

One could see him stand with his head held high and upright. His body was tall, straight and slender, appearing impressive with a loftiness that was out of the ordinary. Especially that pair of eyes, extremely sharp like a hawk, glittering like frost and snow. They had a grandeur that intimidated others and overwhelmed people.

He swept his eyes over the surroundings once with a sharp, hawk-like gaze that completely ignored Su Luo.

Apparently, in his eyes, Su Luo was merely an unnecessary existence, as insignificant as an ant that he could single-handedly crush to death.

"Oh, Li Aofeng (1), what wind managed to blow such a great holy Buddha like you here?" Beichen Ying folded his arms over his chest and cast a glance at him with a ghost of a smile.

Li Aotian, as the name implied, his haughtiness soared to the skies, his conduct and bearing were very proud and aloof.

This person would boast in that the social circle of aristocratic families, his talent was unsurpassed. Normally, he was arrogant and seemed aloof from politics and material pursuits. Beichen Palace and Jade Lake Palace were opponents from afar that often competed. The two Palaces' relationship was always complicated, therefore, Beichen Ying was always rude towards Li Aotian.

Li Aotian indifferently shot a glance at Beichen Ying and gave an icily arrogant snort. With regards to Beichen Ying, who was at the same level as him, he was still unworthy of his attention.

Li Yaoyao gave Beichen Ying an apologetic smile: "My second elder brother's temperament is usually like this, you should also know this, by all means, don't take offense."

The corner of Beishen Ying's mouth lifted into an arc and he absent-mindedly said: "Younger sister Yaoyao is apologizing, as the older brother, I naturally have nothing to say. Come, sit down so we can talk."

In this play, he was merely a warm body to use as place holder, the real lead still needed to be handed over to Nangong, and watch how he was about to act out this play well.

In Beishen Ying's eyes shone a burning radiance, his pair of peach blossom eyes were full of a gossiping overtone.

Li Yaoyao very naturally sat down at Nangong's left side. Quite familiarly, she coiled around Nangong's arm full of smiles, her smile showing off shallow dimples. She subtly said in a low voice: "Today, third senior brother is here to catch Amethyst Thorned fish, you must have won an overwhelming victory?"

Su Luo's gaze dwelled on the Jade Lake Fairy coiling around Nangong Liuyun's arm, that very familiar manner, as if the two of them were frequently like this. Somewhat like a male-female pair being protected and what-not, as if they were not affected by the world.

Nangong's gaze was demonically charming, he raised an eyebrow and smiled. Then, he shook his head enigmatically but did not say a word.

Su Luo noticed that Nangong Liuyun hadn't resisted Jade Lake Fairy's intimacy and he also didn't push her away, she who was coiled around his arm, indulging in closeness.

The two people spoke, acting as if nobody else was present. Their voices were so low as if sharing a secret between them, with a manner that was so close that nothing could come between them.

The man was handsome beyond compare, the woman was exceedingly refined. With one glance, it could be seen that they were a pair of jade annulus, a couple that was a match made in heaven.

The scenario appeared to be framed by a screen, isolating those two people in their own world, while others all became the landscape that set them off beautifully.

Su Luo withdrew her hand quietly from Nangong's large palm, but this time, Nangong Liuyun didn't insist, to the extent that Su Luo was easily able to withdraw her hands.

Seeing their intimate manner that left no space for others to squeeze in, seeing Nangong Liuyun's intoxicating eyes pampering and spoiling, gentle feelings for her....

A bitter smile emerged in Su Luo's heart. Her gaze turned away towards the ocean in the distance with its surging momentum.

1) - this was either a typo by the author for Li Aotian's name or Beichen Ying was being sarcastic and changed the Tian (sky) to Feng (wind) in Li Aotian's name to go with what he was saying.