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Chapter 363 – Amethyst Thorned Island (14)

Chapter 363 - Amethyst Thorned Island (14)

Su Luo's gaze swept past him, seeing him about to lose his cool, she sent him an even more taunting sentence: "Eh, all at once, the crown prince will give three green-colored crystal stones. This will make the crown prince spend some money, I'm truly sorry about this."

A mouthful of blood was stuck in the crown prince's throat.

Spit, couldn't spit it out.

Swallow, couldn't swallow it down.

It was really choking him until his complexion was ashen, both of his eyes were scarlet red, and his hands were trembling.

Beichen Ying had always had complete rapport with Su Luo, a flawless partnership, seeing this, he happily added another knife stab: "Sister-in-law, you need not be anxious on the crown prince's behalf. Within his magnificent palace far from here, there are many treasures. He's not afraid of being unable to afford to lose. In the worse case scenario, we could just carry everything away, including that magnificent palace of his."

The stuff in the magnificent palace had taken the crown prince more than ten years to collect, inside were countless number of treasures that would simply shock people.

The crown prince's pair of scarlet red eyes glared at Beichen Ying, wishing he could throw himself on him and choke his neck. This busybody, even if he didn't speak, nobody would think he was mute!

Su Luo nodded her head in approval: "Oh, this time, I feel reassured. Otherwise, I was afraid that the crown prince could not afford to lose this amount, so much so that I didn't dare to let go and fish with my all."

"Sister-in-law, you are simply too kind-hearted, too admirable, too charitable!" Beichen Ying made a big fuss over the littlest things, then exaggeratedly gestured and danced for joy. Finally, he again kind-heartedly consoled: "But you really ought to let go and have free rein to fish, otherwise, the crown prince will question the fairness of the competition."

The crown prince was almost about to vomit blood.

If that loathsome girl uninhibitedly fished, why wouldn't he question the fairness of this competition? The crown prince was almost about to howl out this sentence! If that loathsome girl let go and fish, his magnificent palace would not not enough to pay for the loss.

Su Luo cast a glance at the face of the crown prince that was about to pass out. Her face was full of surprise and said: "Eh? So it seems good intentions still did bad things? Looks like I really need to feel relieved and boldly fish. Otherwise, the crown prince is certain to be unhappy."

Lan Xuan, who was at the side, when he heard their unselfconscious dialogue, he was practically speechless.

Afterwards, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming exchanged a glance, both of their eyes had a forced smiling expression, and they sighed helplessly in unison.

Who said that now, the only person at a loss was the crown prince himself? Both of them were also very regretful, alright?

Now, the both of them, without exception, wanted to complain against Nangong's strategic methods.

This busybody for sure had already known that Su Luo had this ability earlier, so in the beginning, Nangong just one-upped them in a match. He manufactured a kind of 'she doesn't know how to hook an Amethyst Thorned fish' facade, making them lower their guards and feel too embarrassed to ask for a single Amethyst Thorned fish that she, a little Miss, would catch. As a result, they both made a solemn vow to decline her catch.

Now, when they saw Su Luo pulling the fishes up one by one, they were also very envious watching this, okay? They almost wished that time would flow backwards and return to that time when they were on the boat, so they could rightfully and boldly request Su Luo to also hand over her Amethyst Thorned fish catches.

Beichen Ying smiling happily, bumping Lan Xuan's arm once: "Hey, didn't expect that Sister-in-law would be this awesome, right? Now, regretting until your intestines are green, right?

"Shut up!" Lan Xuan hatefully glared at Beichen Ying, arrogantly and with frailty, he turned his face away, but facing the wind was the same, as two broad lines of tears appeared.

So many Amethyst Thorned fishes, originally, it should be divided evenly between him and little Ming....a blunder, a giant blunder, all conned away by Nangong, that big cheat.

Really, just thinking about it made him have a heartache...Lan Xuan exaggeratedly covered the place over his heart and cast a faintly blaming glance at Nangong Liuyun.

Who knew that this guy was not even a little bit sympathetic, instead, he returned a glance that was full of an imposing manner, indifferently saying: "What?"

What? What other could be there? Admiration, envy, regret, hate etc..these words were easy to say, but they didn't sound good. Lan Xuan could only wretchedly, silently and secretly be bitter as he once again turned his head away.