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Chapter 362 – Amethyst Thorned Island (13)

Chapter 362 - Amethyst Thorned Island (13)

Why was it that when Su Luo angled, they would vie for first and were afraid of being behind, but when it was his turn, they would all disdainfully fling their heads and swim away? This made him so depressed as to nearly spit out blood. He was hurt as deep as the Pacific Ocean.

"Sister-in-law--" Lan Xuan had a 'wanting to cry but lacking the tears' expression as he gazed at Su Luo. His tearful, peach blossom eyes were brimming with rays of light, appealing for help.

"What?" Su Luo exasperatedly answered.

How could Lan Xuan tell her, that beneath them, the school of Amethyst Thorned fish that was assembled with great difficulty had all run away from his handling? Could he say he was avoided by a huge school of Amethyst Thorned fish? He felt that this was really embarrassing, and he simply wanted to cover his face.

Lan Xuan's teary eyes were gleaming with unshed tears as he stuffed the fishing rod into Su Luo's hands: "Sister-in-law, you come and do it!" Under thousands of staring eyes, if he cast again, he would have lost all his dignity.

Now, the expression he looked at Su Luo with was not judging, but rather looked hopeful and with starstruck eyes, full of adoration and worship.

Su Luo's attitude towards him changed into one that showed satisfaction, and in passing, she took the offered fishing rod. She smiled faintly and said: "I've come, so I'll do it. Each and every second now is a green-colored crystal stone, can't afford to waste it."

Once Su Luo said these words, the crown prince's complexion immediately blackened!

Wasn't what Su Luo said implying that the more Amethyst Thorned fish she caught, the more tragic his loss would be?

If like before, the crown prince would still haughtily lift his pronounced high arcing chin bone, then give a cold humph and say that wasn't it merely a few pieces of green-colored crystal stones? How could this prince not be able to afford it?

But, with the increased knowledge of Su Luo's speed in hooking an Amethyst Thorned fish in a few seconds, how could the crown prince still have that kind of confidence? The him right now was so frightened by Su Luo until he nearly cried.

This was what kind of goddamned speed! Following this, if her angling speed was all at a few seconds per fish, then even if you sold his entire fortune, it was not enough to compensate her.

The more the crown prince thought, the more afraid he became. His heart was extremely panicked, now, he was regretting it until his intestines were green! He wished he could give himself a few huge slaps!

If it weren't for him insisting on going over to provoke Su Luo, wanting to go look down upon her angling speed, how could there be these matters that occurred afterwards? It truly was shooting himself in the foot and not being able to live anymore!

Not mentioning the crown prince's intense and unstable state of mind, and solely speaking of Su Luo's side.

It seemed she had really made a firm resolution to have the crown prince lose everything.

In the moment it took for her to cast her fish hook into the sea, those Amethyst Thorned fishes that had avoided Lan Xuan and left, once again encircled that thin strand of fish line. They were outdoing one another to peck at that round fish bait, owing to the rush for it, it was too fierce to the extent that when Su Luo pulled up--


Some people were so excited that they started to curse on the spot.

This was too freakishly unimaginable!!!

This time, it wasn't one fish, also wasn't two fishes, that very small fish hook actually had three fishes, three Amethyst Thorned fishes!

This was simply the biggest miracle since the beginning of history, an unprecedented marvel.

Who fucking said that hooking an Amethyst Thorned fish was harder than ascending to the sky? Who fucking said that Amethyst Thorned fish were very nimble? Who fucking said that an average of one fish in ten minutes was already at the level of gods?

Take a look at her, one fish in a few seconds, one fish hook could actually catch three Amethyst Thorned fishes. Moreover, each fish was not that small, and at one glance, you could tell that the fish were the bravest or strongest among the school of Amethyst Thorned fishes.

The mass of people standing in a circle watching this scene were exceedingly envious. Their pair of eyes were bloodshot, itching to rush up and take these three Amethyst Thorned fishes for themselves. They wished they could immediately be reborn as Su Luo, just fling a fishing line and would catch a string of Amethyst Thorned fishes. This would simply be too fucking pleasurable, don't you think? Even looting couldn't be this fast.

One Amethyst Thorned fish was equal to one green-colored crystal stone ah! It was just like a living treasure for cultivators and practitioners!

Now, the crown prince's complexion was exceptionally ugly, so gloomy and overcast that you could squeeze out droplets of water.