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Chapter 361 – Amethyst Thorned Island (12)

Chapter 361 - Amethyst Thorned Island (12)

Su Luo leisurely and carefreely sat by Nangong Liuyun's side. She was contentedly nibbling slowly on snacks.

Nangong Liuyun, while laughing, helped her wipe her hand, saying in a gentle voice: "You would even con Lan fourth, you are indeed too bold."

Lan Xuan, ranked number four in his family's direct descendent of the younger generation. Normally, among close friends, he was accustomed to being called Lan fourth.

Lan fourth, he had another nickname of 'lazy to death'. This child usually was the laziest, if he could lie down, he absolutely would not sit. If he could sit down, he absolutely would not stand. If it was not for the unending amount of elixirs and medicinal pills, he might not have the level of martial arts cultivation he currently had.

A streak of crafty smile flashed across the corner of Su Luo's mouth: "Naturally, it was he himself who insisted on testing it, what does it have to do with me?"

Besides, before, although Lan fourth was all smiles and had an affectionate manner towards her since the beginning, that pair of eyes had a judging and examining gaze, Su Luo was really fed up with it. Able to retaliate just a little to shock his superior attitude as the child of a super influential aristocratic family, why not go for it?

Nangong Liuyun's large, warm palm was placed on top of Su Luo's head. He indulgently and in a spoiling manner, kneaded her head. He then lifted an eyebrow and smiled: "You ah, not willing to eat even a little loss. However, this king simply loves to death this little temper of yours."

The Nangong Liuyun standing in front of her had a face that was extremely handsome, as if naturally sculpted from brilliant jade. His facial features were picturesque, eyes like stars with a high and straight nose bridge. His moist lips were red as vermilion, setting off his alluring charm. Just one look could draw you in deeply and you'd never be able to shift your gaze away.

Su Luo shifted her gaze away with great difficulty, turning her head away and disgruntledly said: "Hold your tongue! There are so many people here, talk less nonsense."

"Speaking nonsense?" Nangong Liuyun's thick, jet-black, beautiful eyelashes, swept up slightly, and his phoenix eyes also looked up. They had a kind of mesmerizing-all-living-things quality that was alluring and enticing. A light smile hooked up at the corner of his mouth, his scarlet lips were red as blood: "Good, good, then this king will tell it to you again in front of everyone's face, come--"

Nangong Liuyun, while saying this, was about to pull Su Luo up, making everyone's gaze look over to where they were.

Su Luo's heart immediately was anxious!

In front of everyone, he was going to reveal his love for her? How outrageous? Currently, she was already the target of many okay?

Su Luo hurriedly threw off his hand and said, full of an imposing manner: "Nangong Liuyun, you shut up now! If you dare say it, then I may just bury you!"

"Bury this king?" Nangong Liuyun raised an eyebrow with interest. His pair of eyes narrowed with dangerous rays of light. His red lips hooked up, as enchanting and gorgeous as fire.

Not good, she incited a disaster! Su Luo's heart was vexed, she shook off Nangong Liuyun's hand and her body had already acted before her brain. At this moment, she had already leapt into the crowd like a burst of wind. In a flash, she disappeared from in front of Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun looked at that quick, nimble, leopard cat-like agility, and his pitch black eyes were as deep as a lake.

If his little Luo'er was just a little more foolish, a little more stupid, a little less gifted, than he wouldn't have such a difficult time chasing after her?

Lan Xuan had already held that bamboo pole for about half an hour. Originally, he was full of expectations, now, his heart was disappointed and had given up all hope.

Because he was able to perceive, when his fish hook was cast down, underwater, there was indeed a school of Amethyst Thorned fish circling around. Yes, that's right, you guys did not hear wrong, there really was a school of Amethyst Thorned fish enveloped in brilliant rays of purple. It formed a dense black mass, 'striving for first, afraid to be last', advancing waves upon waves in this manner.

But, what was strange was that these Amethyst Thorned fishes roamed and looped around the fishhook for a few circles. Afterwards, in twos and three,s they wandered away, in a simply disdainful manner.

Lan Xuan now was so depressed that he was about to spit out blood!

Clearly, it was the same fishing rod, the same fish food, why was it that when switched to him, it would be this kind of treatment?