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Chapter 360 – Amethyst Thorned Island (11)

Chapter 360 - Amethyst Thorned Island (11)

Su Luo smiled faintly and deftly cast the fishing rod into the sea again.

This time, almost everyone was eyeing Su Luo's fishing rod, the many pairs of eyes stared, as if wishing to bore a hole into the sea's surface.

Under the scrutiny of many extremely excited gazes, both of Su Luo's hands remained as steady as a rock, without a single shred of stage fright from being observed closely by everyone at the scene.

"There's a bite." Su Luo was secretly delighted as she casually pulled, and it was another lively and flopping Amethyst Thorned fish.

The duration for this time, just as before, did not exceed half a minute. It seemed as if the Amethyst Thorned fishes were already waiting beneath the sea, just waiting for Su Luo's fishing hook. The speed of capture simply could not be any faster.

Seeing this scene, Anye Ming's expression flashed with a thread of surprise. Fast, it was simply too fast.

Lan Xuan's reaction was even more obvious. He stared at Su Luo in a daze, both eyes filled with disbelief, and the him right now simply did not know how to react.

Though he still did not believe the words of a bystander, but now he had witnessed with his own eyes Su Luo casting the fishing rod. In merely a blink of an eye, what she pulled up was an Amethyst Thorned fish. It was basically as if countless Amethyst Thorned fishes were trying to outdo each other, waiting to take the bait.

This was simply as if, those Amethyst Thorn fishes were as obedient as domesticated animals reared in her home.

This girl....Was simply too miraculous!

Originally, Lan Xuan still found Su Luo to be questionable, now, he used an admiring and even a worshipful expression to stare at Su Luo. He was itching to lunge over and cling to her thigh, to beg and ask her how she had accomplished it.

Following that Su Luo once more pulled up an Amethyst Thorned fish, everyone present was seething, but they all remained silent. Everyone was gazing with worship at Su Luo, as if she was a goddess. They all held their breath with rapt attention, watching her every move very carefully.

Su Luo felt goosebumps rise on her skin from those stares. She secretly guessed, was her own performance way too outstanding?

Seeing Beichen Ying about to move in, Lan Xuan, who was a step faster, joyfully pounced forward and helped unhook the twisting Amethyst Thorn fish which was struggling to escape. He gave Su Luo a silly smile as he took the chance to get closer to her: "Sister-in-law, tell me, is there some mysterious secret to this fishing rod?"

It was not just Lan Xuan who wanted to ask, currently, everyone at the scene all wanted to question her. Consequently, following this question, everyone's gaze all concentrated onto Su Luo's face. Those pairs and pairs of eyeballs that were bright as snow, converged together, how astonishing the resulting effect was.

"Cough, cough." Su Luo lifted her fist to the side of her lips and coughed lightly, while in passing, she casually handed her fishing rod over to Lan Xuan, "Why don't you try it?"

The secret was in the fish food, but the fish food was handed to her at that time by Lan Xuan. Therefore, Su Luo was very certain that Lan Xuan's attention would definitely not be on the fish food.

Lan Xuan did not expect Su Luo to be so straightforward. He skeptically accepted the fishing rod, appraising it all over before again giving Su Luo a suspicious glance.

Su Luo shrugged, "Isn't it you who don't believe my abilities to fish? Who felt that the secret was in the fishing rod? You take it, try it yourself and you will find out."

Lan Xuan was really obedient and took out the fish food he carried with him. He carefully added it to the fish hook and stealthily cast Su Luo a glance. He was unable to tell from her facial expressions, and thus thought it was suspicious. Afterwards, with single-minded devotion, he used the fishing rod, casting it towards the sea.

Following Lan Xuan's action, everyone's gaze fell sharply upon that floating, tiny fishing line.

If it was truly capable of hooking the fish, then this fishing rod... Nearly everyone's gaze looked covertly at the fishing rod, desperately wanting to snatch the fishing rod immediately for their own.

Because, if it was truly proven to be this fishing rod's doing, then, without a doubt, in an instant, it would become recognised as a godly device and become the target of every competing force in the world.