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Chapter 359 – Amethyst Thorned Island 10

Chapter 359 - Amethyst Thorned Island 10

The surrounding spectators were nearly shocked into a daze by Su Luo's show of skill.

How could this be! This was simply impossible alright? Too unimaginable!

In less than two minutes, there was actually someone who could continuously hook three Amethyst Thorn fishes, and each were bigger than the last one?

Yet clearly, they had also tried their hand at fishing before. All of them knew just how very, incredibly difficult it was to catch these Amethyst Thorned fishes that were full of intelligence!

At this moment, the crown prince was staring stupidly in a daze at Su Luo, entirely uncertain on how to react, except for the involuntary twitching of his cheek which betrayed how at a loss he felt.

"This... ... This... ..." The crown prince pointed at the water surface in shock, asking Su Luo in a daze: "Just what kind of devilish method did you use?"

Su Luo calmly glanced at him, raised an eyebrow and smiled vaguely: "Devilish method? Crown prince, should demonstrate it for us to see. Slandering people is wrong. Talking nonsense without evidence, others will say that the crown prince cannot afford to lose."

"You are such a loathsome girl!" The crown prince's eyes became bloodshot, wishing he could swallow Su Luo alive and whole. This loathsome girl's words seemed like they were polished with poison. She was simply carved out of the same mold as Beichen Ying.

"'Loathsome girl', is insulting whom?" Nangong Liuyun nonchalantly swept a gaze at him, His pair of eyes were cold and threatening. He bore the dignity of an elite, powerful master from head to toe.

The crown prince immediately felt as if he had fallen into an ice-room, and stiffened all over, stammering speechlessly.

Abominable! The crown prince clenched his fist by his side, hating the fact that despite having the same status as Nangong Liuyun, he had always lost under that profoundly enigmatic gaze of his.

Currently, the not-so-distant Anye Ming and Lan Xuan had noticed the commotion over on this side. They couldn't help being somewhat curious, Lan Xuan was even more so, and directly beckoned a servant over.

"What? Catching three Amethyst Thorned fishes in under two minutes? How can that be possible!" Lan Xuan leapt to his feet. Due to being too excited, even the chair behind him had toppled over onto the ground.

Anye Ming was also shocked to a standstill. Although because of Nangong Liuyun, he had thought of Su Luo more favorably; but he had never expected that the girl's performance would actually go beyond expectations!

This was simply unimaginable to the extreme.

In this group of people, they could also be considered among the top, catching no more than two or three fishes under an hour. But that girl, Su Luo actually accomplished an hour of their efforts in under two minutes?

This was something only a tenth-ranked or above expert could do. right? Even if their fathers' generation were to undertake the task, they might also not be able to catch three Amethyst Thorned fishes within two minutes!

Could it be that hooking an Amethyst Thorned fish was no longer related to a person's cultivation levels? Simply inconceivable.

"Go! Let's go see it for ourselves, I don't believe that girl can really do it!" Lan Xuan was deeply unconvinced, grabbing Anye Ming, and with a turn of his head, left.

Anye Ming merely laughed bitterly as he shook his head.

Under the gaze of the crowd, with so many eyes watching it happen just a short distance away from them, how could it be false?

It was just that Anye Ming was also curious. He couldn't wrap his head around how that girl Su Luo could have done it.

The crowd bustled about, every one of them was filled with excitement and the pairs of eyes watching Su Luo fixedly, simply held all kinds of complex emotions.

Shock, astonishment, envy, jealousy and hatred... ... Many kinds, but most of them were still envy, jealousy and hate.

Su Luo indifferently swept her gaze around her surroundings.

Just now, these people were still vowing that they predicted that the crown prince would win. She had merely hooked three fishes, and it was enough to make them this excited. Then, if she were to hook a few more, would it not drive them all mad?