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Chapter 358 – Amethyst Thorned Island (9)

Chapter 358 - Amethyst Thorned Island (9)

The crown prince set up this trap and believed from the bottom of his heart that Beichen Ying would be taken in. This way, he could seize the opportunity to ridicule him instead of always being ridiculed by him. Unfortunately, Beichen Ying wasn't fooled.

The crown prince was infuriated to the point that the temple on his forehead started to pulse. He angrily and loudly shouted: "Get lost!"

Beichen Ying merely held the Amethyst Thorned fish and strutted around in front of the crown prince: "What's the point of bickering? If you have the ability, let's use strength to talk. You should also hook a fish for me to take a look."

Su Luo saw that these two were about to fight again, and somewhat helplessly placed her hand on her forehead and shook her head. She pinched off a small ball of fish bait and put it on top of the fish hook. Once again, she cast the fishing rod into the sea.

On the other side, Beichen Ying and the crown prince still hadn't finished arguing. The sounds of surprise once again arose from this side. .

"Oh heavens!!! It moved again, the fishing rod moved again!"

"This is impossible! How can it be like this? Isn't the Amethyst Thorned fish very difficult to catch?"

"Don't tell me that this year's Amethyst Thorned fishes are especially dumb? Especially easy to angle for?"

"You are especially dumb! Just now, it's not like you didn't fish for it, why did you become stupid? Obviously, the fishes are slipping away like a thief, so slippery that they won't stay in your hand."

"But...but that's not right! The fourth Miss Su clearly is hooking them very easily!"

"Then, did you see the crown prince hook an Amethyst Thorned fish?"

Nangong Liujue immediately stopped quarrelling and looked over at Su Luo. He only saw her effortlessly pull up the fishing rod and that another lively, frisky Amethyst Thorned fish was hooked to her fishing rod.

He was simply gaping in shock, his entire person was flabbergasted.

"This is impossible!" How could there be someone who could catch two Amethyst Thorned fishes within less than a minute?

What did she take an Amethyst Thorned fish as? An ordinary kind of fish? That was a full-of-spirit-power and intelligent Amethyst Thorned fish! Take him as an example, if he was able to hook one in twenty minutes, it was already considered extraordinarily great.

But, this loathsome girl's luck was good to this extent? Two fishes within one minute!!! Two fishes!!!

The crown prince was itching to yell out loud 'you are cheating', these three words. However, logic told him, why would it be cheating to catch Amethyst Thorned fishes? No matter what methods you use, being able to hook one was considered good.

Su Luo glanced faintly at the crown prince. In her eyes, appeared a smiling expression that didn't reach their depths: "Eh? Does the crown prince not have a single fish yet? This is not normal, you must try harder."

A sentence that was as light as a feather but was like a heavy fist, was ruthlessly thrown at the crown prince's face, knocking him dizzy.

The crown prince's malicious gaze swept a glance at Su Luo and coldly said: "Don't celebrate too early, the outcome of this competition hasn't been determined. There will be a time for you to cry!"

"Then just wait and see, see who is the person that will cry when the time comes." After Su Luo had placed the fish bait properly, she very casually tossed the fishing line into the ocean.

Other people who wanted to hook an Amethyst Thorned fish, every step of the process, they must be cautious, careful and concentrate on the task completely. They still had to throw all the spirit strength in their body onto the fishing line, alway paying attention to whether the fish bait was bitten, afraid that if they were not careful, the precious Amethyst Thorned fish would be gone.

However, with Su Luo, whatever so-called professional techniques were non-existent.

She just casually threw the fishing line, and afterwards, she would hold the fishing rod, waiting for the fish to take the bite, then hook it easily, just like that. It simply made those so-called professionals, who were proficient in various techniques, stare with their eyes wide open.

In the beginning, everybody was using a tone of making fun of her to mock her that her way was not right, but Su Luo used reality to ruthlessly strike back at them.

In less than a few seconds, Su Luo's fishing line once again sank a little...

Now, all the people surrounding them were so excited that they had gone practically insane.


"Again...again it bit..."

"Heaven....Oh heavens....oh..."