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Chapter 356 – Amethyst Thorned Island (7)

Chapter 356 - Amethyst Thorned Island (7)

Beichen Ying stopped the brush and self-satisfiedly lifted his chin: "The written calligraphy is truly great. Simply want to collect it and don't let anyone see it."

Su Luo was speechless, this child, as expected, was influenced by a different environment. He was the same as Nangong Liuyun, with no limit to their narcissism.

Altogether, Beichen Ying wrote three copies, one was given to Su Luo, another was given to the crown prince. In addition, the final copy was held by him as the witness, so as to avoid someone reneging and not acknowledging the debt.

After the three people signed their own names, the competition could begin.

"Three hours is the limit, whoever hooks the most Amethyst Thorned fish will be the winner." With a wave of Beichen Ying's hand, the competition officially started.

In order to maintain the fairness, equality and the openness of the competition, Su Luo and Nangong Liujue sat in the same place to fish.

Everyone's fish bait was their own secret recipe mix. No one would inspect the other's fish bait. As long as it could hook an Amethyst Thorned fish, then it's enough. Therefore, Su Luo fished with a clear conscience.

Now, not far away, Lan Xuan was smiling and shaking his head.

"Oh dear, looks like this time, Nangong will bleed a huge amount." Lan Xuan leisurely leaned back into his chair and switched to a more comfortable position,and his voice held a sigh: "That girl is also really too headstrong. Don't know how Nangong fell just for her?"

Anye Ming glared at him: "If you don't want to wound the camaraderie among brothers, then don't speculate about her. Could it be that you couldn't tell that this time, Nangong is really serious?"

Lan Xuan's expression was lethargic, he cast a glance at the spectacle in the distance and still crooned out a sentence: "But I really can't see what characteristic that Miss has that is fit to be with Nangong. You look at this matter she created..."

Anye Ming paused a little, looking towards the azure sky in the distance. He looked at it for a long time before pensively saying one sentence: "You think this time she will lose?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Lan Xuan spread out both hands, and as expected, said: "Nangong Liujue, although he looks annoying, he does not lack strength. Don't forget that last year, the number of Amethyst Thorned fish he hooked was second only to Nangong. How could the Su family's girl compete with him? It is simply attempting the impossible and asking for trouble, okay? Also, Nangong is really too much, to actually still indulge her whim."

Anye Ming smiled faintly, his tone was mild: "No, this time, I'm afraid you may have guessed wrong."

"You believe that girl can win?" Lan Xuan cast a laughable glance at Anye Ming.

"I don't believe in her, but I do believe in Nangong." Anye Ming said vaguely: "Nangong's vision is usually the most accurate from childhood to adulthood, have you ever seen him lose?"

"That is true...but this time, maybe he outsmarted himself and fell into a hidden ditch, right?" No matter what, Lan Xuan did not believe that Su Luo could win.

Anye Ming only smiled indifferently and didn't say anything more, he merely focused on the fishing rod.

What he didn't tell Lan Xuan, was that he always felt that that girl was not that simple. Moreover, she was very mysterious, and the specifics were hard to say.

However, speaking of Su Luo's side.

The matter of the bet got around, and as a result, a lot of people approached and settled around them to see the result.

However, compared to Su Luo, everyone was optimistic about the crown prince winning.

Not only was the crown prince's martial arts cultivation rank much higher than Su Luo's, the number of Amethyst Thorned fish that he had caught last year ought to speak for itself. His strength was out of the ordinary.

"This Miss still doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth, to actually dare to hammer on the table of the crown prince."

"This isn't considered much, the most interesting thing is their stake. How many Amethyst Thorned fish the winning side hooks, the losing side must compensate that many green-colored crystal stones. Hey, hey, I'm afraid this Miss will bleed a huge amount."

"Which family is this Miss from? Why is it that I have never seen her before?"

"Have you heard of Su Manor's good-for-nothing waste? Have you heard about the buzzing rumors that were recently spread of a life and death duel between sisters?"