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Chapter 355 – Amethyst Thorned Island (6)

Chapter 355 - Amethyst Thorned Island (6)

Beichen Ying's fishing rod was swinging in a carefree manner over his shoulder and started to talk with scorching satire and frigid irony: "Oh, who is pretending as if they are about to lose out? Nangong Liujue, if you have the ability, then don't bully women and have a competition with me instead."

When the crown prince saw Beichen Ying, his temple pulsed fiercely, this person was simply his nemesis in this lifetime. Just seeing him meant nothing good would happen!

The crown prince sent a resentful glance at Beichen Ying: "Meddling in other people's business, take a hike to the side."

Beichen Ying was no longer cheerful: "This is my sister-in-law, what do you mean I am meddling in other people's business? Nangong Liujue, the person that needs to take a hike to the side ought to be you."

Both of their remarks were not agreeable, thus they started to quarrel noisily.

Su Luo was simply dumbfounded watching this scene.

One was the respectable and honorable crown prince of an empire, the other was the enigmatic president of the Mercenary Union. These two masters, normally, in front of other people, appeared to be arrogant, condescending, aloof, and very high and mighty. To those people beneath them, both of their existences were eminent and unapproachable.

Yet, who could have anticipated that now, these two extremely honorable personages, would quarrel noisily like immature kids. 'You say one, I say two', and were going at it quite energetically.

Su Luo had just planned to ruthlessly swindle the crown prince in return, how could she look on helplessly and let the crown prince escape by turning around and leaving abruptly again? Consequently, she could only come to smooth things over.

"Okay, okay, both of you stop quarreling. Beichen, first, you take a moment to rest. Crown prince, are we still having this competition? If we are not competing, then go away, don't disturb my mood to fish. Because of you two's sound volume from noisy snarling and roaring, no matter how good the fish bait, it would not be able to hook an Amethyst Thorned fish.

Su Luo craftily winked at Beichen Ying, Beichen Ying had already experienced Su Luo's wit and intelligence. He nodded his head in complete understanding of her meaning, and cleverly crossed his arms to stand at the side.

The crown prince saw that Beichen Ying stopped quarreling, naturally, he also knew when to stop. He gave a severe snort: "Want to compete, then let's compete. But...only this prince and you, the both of us will compete, others are not allowed to interfere!"

Saying this, his gaze swept from Beichen Ying's to Nangong Liuyun's body. He loathed both these people, but couldn't help admitting that their strength was extraordinary. It was also because of their extraordinary strength that he loathed them even more!

Su Luo faintly smiled: "Then, what are the rewards and penalties for this competition?"

The crown prince thought about it, suddenly, his mouth hooked into a sneer: "How about this. Just use the amount of Amethyst Thorned fish hooked to decide things. Whoever has more will win, as for the rewards and penalties, then the winning side will get the rewards. If the winning side hooks ten Amethyst Thorned fish, then the losing side will compensate the winner with ten pieces of green-colored crystal stones, and so on."

Ten Amethyst Thorned fish, will be compensated with ten green-colored crystal stones? Su Luo's heart was simply too excited. This idiotic crown prince simply did not know that she had a cheating tool placed in the fish bait, and actually stupidly set down this rule. This time, wouldn't he be scared to death of the compensation?

Only, Su Luo was afraid of revealing a clue, in a split second, her expression seemed somewhat hesitant.

Nangong Liuyun smiled in an easy-going manner and rubbed Su Luo's head: "Mere green-colored crystal stones, this king can still afford to lose, go play without holding back."

Implication being, if she lost, the penalty would be considered his to pay?

Su Luo smilingly nodded her head towards him and again coldly humphed towards the crown prince: "Fine! It's decided just like this, but words are not good enough proof, we must draw up a written contract."

The crown prince was still afraid that Su Luo would renege on the debt, so both people agreed easily. He ordered a servant to fetch brush, ink and paper, then the paper was laid out on top of a large stone.

Beichen Ying, full of interest, acted as a witness, he then picked up the brush and started to write. At this moment, the writing done by the brush was like moving clouds and flowing water on top of the paper. The handwriting on the paper flowed smoothly and elegantly, delighting the eyes of the people watching.