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Chapter 354 – Amethyst Thorned Island (5)

Chapter 354 - Amethyst Thorned Island (5)

The implication being whether he was so idle that he came to look like a pain in the ass?

The crown prince was immediately blocked by her, and he was choking on a sentence stuck in his throat.

He just received the news a moment ago, so naturally, he would come over to taunt Su Luo.

Originally, he thought she would be so scared by this news that all the color would bleach out of her face. In this way, he would have avenged his hatred from a moment ago okay? But, who could have imagined that this loathsome girl's mental strength was pretty good. The expression on her face didn't reveal her mood nor did she seem to be distracted by the news.

His gaze landed on that little wooden bucket near Su Luo, and suddenly, he was happy again.

"Fishing up to now and only hooking one Amethyst Thorned fish? You tell me, don't you think this is embarrassing?" Nangong Liujue's face was full of disdain: "Surveying this entire island, when it comes to hooking the least number and at the bottom, this position is yours exclusively. Really embarrassing."

Seeing this crown prince in front of her always being arrogant and bossy to her, a lightbulb turned on in Su Luo's head, and a split second later, an idea appeared.

Wasn't Nangong Liujue disdainful of how few Amethyst Thorned fishes she had caught? Then...Could she use this pretext to extort some stuff from him, making this crown prince die from heartache of the loss?

Finished thinking, Su Luo gave Nangong Liuyun a light tug, stopping his slowly-about-to-stand-up figure.

This was because under the circumstances of the crown prince continuing to provoke Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun's complexion had gradually darkened, he had the intent to move at any moment to dispose of him. Su Luo, with great difficulty, had caught this fat cow of a crown prince, how could she let this crown prince off so easily.

Su Luo's smile was not quite a smile as she cast a sidelong glance at the crown prince. She lifted an eyebrow and said sarcastically: "You actually look down on the number of Amethyst Thorned fish I caught? Then, do you have the courage to engage in a contest with me? Let's see within a fixed time, which one of us will catch the most number of Amethyst Thorned fishes!"

How could the crown prince know that Su Luo had already found the trick to hooking the Amethyst Thorned fish? In his eyes, it had taken this long for Su Luo to catch only one Amethyst Thorned fish, and that's all. Also, it was so small there couldn't be another that was smaller.

Therefore, Su Luo's words hit directly on the crown prince's intent, and he could be seen smiling coldly: "Loathsome girl, such big courage, you actually dare to compete with this prince."

"What, the always-boasting-that-he-is-incomparably-gallant crown prince, this time, became a coward?" Su Luo directly used taunting methods to spur him into action.

The corner of the crown prince's mouth evoked into a ridiculing sneer: "Loathsome girl, you ought to know that this prince has already hooked three Amethyst Thorned fishes up until now. You only caught one fish, you sure you want to compete with this prince?"

"Humph, I can be killed any time, but won't tolerate any insults! Could it be that you think I would be afraid of you?" Both of Su Luo's cheeks were round from fuming, giving off an appearance of being hot-blooded,easily cheated and letting one's emotions make the decisions.

Just now, Nangong Liujue was criticized by Beichen Ying and them too wretchedly. He thought that this would be a great opportunity to turn the tables on them. Su Luo's, these words, were right on the money with his intent, but on his face, he faked an expression of having been put into a difficult situation: "Humph, competing with you, wouldn't this prince have an unfair advantage?"

Su Luo secretly looked down on him in her thoughts.

She was the most adept at figuring out a person's heart.

She could clearly see, that the crown prince was obviously secretly, extremely happy to do this, but still put on this kind of act to use all sort of excuses, who were you trying to fool?

Su Luo didn't bother to match his performance and simply turned her body away, unwilling to acknowledge him: "Since it is like this, then it's fine not to compete. Your Highness the crown prince, please return."

The crown prince wanted to use declining as a way to advance, Su Luo used the same maneuver of withdrawing to advance forward. This forced the crown prince to be flustered and unprepared.

The crown prince didn't expect that Su Luo would not be drawn to the path he was leading her onto, and an ugly expression flashed through his eyes. But, he was even more enraged and one could see him give a cold snort: "Since you, yourself, insist on courting death, then this prince will help you accomplish this task. Want to compete, then let's compete!"

Beichen Ying usually was the one who loved spectacles the most, and was also the one who liked to bicker with the crown prince the most. One could see him holding an Amethyst Thorned fish and leisurely walking over.