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Chapter 353 – Amethyst Thorned Island (4)

Chapter 353 - Amethyst Thorned Island (4)

This meant that the fish took the bait.

Su Luo's heart was pleasantly surprised again, she energetically lifted up the fishing rod and lifted her eyes to look. She saw that on her fish hook, was actually an awe-inspiring, dazzling, purple Amethyst Thorned fish!

It was about the size of a palm and the Amethyst Thorned fish looked similar to the Crucian carp.

Under the illumination of the sunlight, this Amethyst Thorned fish that was suspended above the water not only didn't swing about struggling to escape, on the contrary, it continued to nibble on the little round ball of fish food bait with great gusto.

Su Luo used her strength and flung the rod, in a flash, she flung the Amethyst Thorned fish ashore. Afterwards, with her mood uplifted, she grabbed the little thing that was still refusing to let go of the fish food.

Humans will die for riches, just as birds will for food, the little fish was the same.

The Amethyst Thorned fish only now seemed to have recovered its senses, turning its body to look stupidly at the sea surface not far away. It then looked at the person that caught it, and immediately, it started to struggle non-stop.

Su Luo, smiling happily, poked its little head: "Oh, now you know to struggle? Too late."

While speaking, she tossed this little Amethyst Thorned fish with teary and misty eyes, into the wooden barrel.

DIdn't know if Beichen Ying did it on purpose with his distribution of barrels, but he gave Nangong Liuyun a huge wooden barrel, while the one arranged for her was one a child would use for playing house, that kind of small bucket. Even if you fill it up, the bucket was one that wouldn't be able to fit more than a few fishes.

This was the first time that Su Luo hooked a fish, naturally, she was a little excited. She gazed at that Amethyst Thorned fish with an expression of simply loving it too much to part with it.

Just when Su Luo was all smiles with elation and immensely proud of herself, and wanted to go tell Nangong Liuyun the secret; not far away, Nangong Liujue, escorted by a group of people, grandiosely walked over.

The crown prince had his hand linked behind his back and coldly cast a sidelong glance at Su Luo. The corner of his mouth hooked up as he sneeringly said: "Oh, you really did actually catch an Amethyst Thorned fish. Amazing, I thought you wouldn't be able to catch a single one before this day comes to a close!"

Su Luo somewhat speechlessly swept this crown prince a glance. She really couldn't understand, she had already said everything very clearly, why did he still come over to look and to be cursed at?

Su Luo didn't feel like paying him any attention, she took out a small ball of fish bait and once again baited the fishhook.

Nangong Liujue saw that Su Luo had actually ignored him, his heart became even more angry and he gave a heavy, cold snort: "Loathsome girl, It's now reached to this extent and you are still pretending to be noble and virtuous. When the time comes, see how you will die!"

"Oh?" Su Luo unhurriedly cast him a glance and her head lowered as she continued to fiddle with the fish bait. The fish bait was a little too moist, so once she put it in place, it would drop off. Looks like she needed to wait until it dried a little in the sun.

"You still don't know right? That second older sister of yours, after returning to her teacher's school, Grandmaster Lan Hai had sent her all kinds of spirit elixir and pills like flowing water, non-stop. Before one month is over, she may advance to the fifth rank. At that time, you, a mere little third rank, will still hope to defeat her? Life and death duel, life and death duel, it's to either live or die, you still think you can survive?" The crown prince smiled complacently.

The two Misses from the Su family drawing up this life and death duel, it was spread abuzz throughout the entire imperial capital. Now, there practically wasn't anyone who didn't know about it.

Even though Su Luo stunned a lot of people by going from a good-for-nothing waste to a third rank, yet nearly everyone was unanimously optimistic about Su Qing.

Su Luo gave an 'oh' sound in a light as a cloud and soft as the wind manner. Just like this, she had no other words for him.

However. her heart was secretly on guard, she originally thought about it, Su Qing's cultivation could increase within a month. But, she hadn't anticipated that Su Qing's teacher's sect would value her this much, the match after a month....Could she really win against her?

Nangong Liujue saw Su Luo's lowered eyes in contemplation, immediately, he was extremely happy. He raised an eyebrow and mockingly sneered at her: "Loathsome girl, now you are afraid, right?"

Su Luo raised her eyes, her gaze indifferently landed on his body and she frowned slightly: "The crown prince took the time to come over in his busy schedule, was it just to inform me of this matter?"