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Chapter 351 – Amethyst Thorned Island (2)

Chapter 351 - Amethyst Thorned Island (2)

Even though it was only four short words, it was like the calm before the storm. The oppressive atmosphere stifled the words in the crown prince's heart.

"If you don't want to continue being the crown prince, then just say so, don't beat around the bush like this." Nangong Liuyun's cold gaze looked sharply at the crown prince, his handsome face was saturated with a dense, murderous aura. His eyes were like frost, with his entire person appearing blood-thirsty, ruthless, cruel and stormy.

Nangong Liujue was immediately choked off, looking like someone had very firmly squeezed his neck. No matter what, he couldn't speak.

Beichen Ying covered his lips, smiling happily as he said to the two people beside him: "Actually, Nangong's words are incorrect. Guys, think about it, an incapable person as a crown prince is a good crown prince. Having such a crown prince in position, the person sitting as the emperor how comfortable and happy he ought to be. You guys say, isn't it right?"

Lan Xuan, who was always in cahoots with Beichen Ying, pretended to be surprised and opened his eyes wide: "Oh heavens, an incapable person sitting on the position? Who are you referring to? Is it this person in front of us?"

Lan Xuan had a surprised tone with exaggerated movements. His voice was loud but just right, people within several tens of meters of his body could all hear him.

In an instant, the crown prince's complexion became very red, so red that you could even squeeze water droplets out. The expression he used to glare at Lan Xuan was practically itching to ruthlessly devour him.

However, Beichen Ying hadn't planned to let him go just yet, and continued with Lan Xuan to play off of each other: "Of course, otherwise, who else is there? This talk has already been widely spread throughout the entire Eastern Ling's capital. You are actually this ill-informed and ignorant."

"I order all of you to shut up!" The crown prince's complexion was as black as the bottom of a pot. He coldly and gloomily glared at Su Luo, itching to strike her dead on the spot.

It was all this loathsome girl!

At that time, when he went to Su Manor to break off the engagement, this loathsome girl had misheard his words and yelled it out loud in astonishment.

Thus, this matter about him was spread far and wide. Now, the crown prince was very suspicious. That day, what the loathsome girl had yelled out, was it because she really misheard, or did she do it on purpose?

"Consider you guys got this one, I will remember this treatement! By all means, don't end up in my hand, otherwise..." The crown prince coldly glared at Nangong Liuyun and gave a few heavy humphs. He took along a group of subordinates and left grandiosely. The back of that person, no matter how you looked, seemed to cut a very sorry figure.

Beichen Ying smiled happily and said to Su Luo: "Sister-in-law, don't mind him, this crown prince is just like that. He lacks being scolded and cursed at, after being abused verbally a few times by others, he will be more straightforward. Otherwise, he won't be able to sleep at night."

Seeing Beichen Ying having an expression of being very knowledgeable about the crown prince, Su Luo felt it was extremely funny, "You are very blunt and rude to him."

"Naturally, every time we meet, he cannot do without me cursing him a few sentences. However, every time, he still laps it up and moves his face closer. You tell me if this person is worthless or not?" Beichen Ying smiled very self-satisfiedly and proudly. His smile was radiating with delight while he danced and gestured with joy.

Nangong Liuyun glanced at Su Luo with a considering look, seeing her expression was calm, his red, translucent and moist lips smiled. His smile reached his eyes, making them seem intoxicatingly full of soft, yielding waves. He led her along by the hand: "Let's go hook some fish."

"Okay." Su Luo also felt that her mood shouldn't be ruined by a mad dog that suddenly jumped out of nowhere. She flung her head and very quickly threw the crown prince out of her head.

This group of people divided up the areas of Amethyst Thorned Island. The best area on the island was divided into two.

In the order of first come first served, the best places on the east side were occupied by the subordinates and powers that were affiliated with the crown prince.

The so-called best spot was where people hooked the most Amethyst Thorned fishes from the previous years.

However. Nangong Liuyun wasn't superstitious about this, he led Su Luo and walked towards the crag on the west side. According to their strength right now, if they wanted to snatch the position, naturally the crown prince's forces wouldn't be able to beat them. Only, Nangong Liuyun was too lazy to bother to deal with the crown prince.