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Chapter 350 – Amethyst Thorned Island (1)

Chapter 350 - Amethyst Thorned Island (1)

Nangong Liujue simply could not have imagined, originally that meek-like-a-kitten Su Luo, who had strived very hard again and again only to obtain one glance from him, would now use this kind of mocking tone and taunting manner to speak with him.

Nangong Liujue furiously hollered: "Loathsome girl, granted, even if you are not this prince's legal imperial concubine, you also have to become my concubine on the side. You think you can escape from this? Why haven't you quickly crawled back to this king!"

Saying this, Nangong Liujue was about to go pull Su Luo again.

Originally, he really didn't have any interest in Su Luo, but after hearing that this loathsome girl had unexpectedly and quietly cultivated to the third rank, she was so gifted that it simply shocked people. Even more, she was someone Nangong Liuyun fancied.

From childhood to adulthood, he and Nangong Liuyun had always been irreconcilable.

Things that Nangong Liuyun wanted, he must grab it back. Even if he couldn't snatch it back, he must also destroy it.

Nangong Liuyun's sword-like eyebrows knitted slightly, he faintly swept Nangong Liujue a glance.

This glance appeared to be light as a cloud or gentle as a breeze, but was overcast with a bloody ruthlessness that threatened to vent its anger violently. This gave Nangong Liujue a severe cold feeling, the temperature was like being in an icehouse.

Beichen Ying smiled faintly and raised an eyebrow. "Oh, Nangong Liujue, how did our home's sister-in-law become your concubine on the side? You still have the nerve to say this out loud. Also, why haven't you looked in the mirror to see what kind of revolting person you are."

Beichen Ying had always been merciless towards the Crown Prince, never giving him face.

Nangong Liujue's complexion was ashen, he had choked back a breath and was just about to curse out loud, when Lan Xuan stole his thunder to get there first.

Lan Xuan put on a grown-up manner, hardening his face to lecture Nangong Liujue: "You, as a person, are really something. The crown prince should have the poise and character of a crown prince. Look at our home's Anye, proper and impressive in appearance, elegantly poised. This is the demeanor of a proper crown prince. When you have time, learn to emulate him a little more."

Nangong Liujue, a high and mighty crown prince, as a respected elder, was reprimanded like a little brother would be. He was infuriated to the point of snarling in rage at them.

This time, he was cut off by a glance from Anye Ming: "Want to continue being the crown prince smoothly and steadily, then manage well your small piece of land. Extending your hand that far, aren't you afraid of having it chopped off."

These three people, each and every one of their background was not small. When speaking, each of them was fiercer and more poisonous than the other. They simply overwhelmed the Crown Prince, who was too weary to cope.

With great difficulty, he waited until the three of them finished lecturing him in a row, then the Crown Prince finally had a chance to glare at Su Luo in rage: "I'm giving you one last chance, are you going to follow this prince to walk away or not?"

Those three people, he could not afford to offend, but Su Luo was merely a tiny ant that he could pinch into a sphere or roll flat between his fingers.

Unexpectedly, this tiny ant was already not that ant from the olden days. Now, her complexion was indifferent, the words she said were even more poisonous than the three of them added together: "Nangong Liujue, you think you are the crown prince. In my eyes, you are no better than a beggar, want this lady to follow you? Your wishful thinking. In your dreams!"

"Su Luo!" The Crown Prince was ridiculed again, and was simply put in an awkward situation, unable to get out.

Originally, he still believed that Su Luo would at least give him some face. He still thought that Su Luo at least cared about him from her old affections. Back then, as long as he gave her one glance, she would almost start to fly...didn't expect, never expected!

The Crown Prince's expression hazed over and changed the topic of conversation with a mocking tone: "Oh, this is because you bumped into a backer, full of confidence, right? You better not think he will marry you, you are merely someone he is toying with and nothing more. After this event, will you still be crying and calling, coming over to beg for this king?"

Nangong Liuyun, who had been standing by the side since the beginning and hadn't talked, displayed a concentrated icy intent with his body. He was cold as frost, his dark red lips slowly hooking up. An ice-cold disdainfulness flashed through his eyes as he cast frosty side glances at the Crown Prince: "You have an objection?"