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Chapter 345 – Fright on board (4)

Chapter 345 - Fright on board (4)

Su Luo's beautiful pupils roamed, while she lifted an eyebrow and smiled: "What's to be afraid of? My swimming technique is pretty good, want to have a race with me?"

Nangong Liuyun's intoxicating, fluid glance could move heartstrings. He spoilingly and indulgently rubbed her head: "Little crow's beak (1), I hope what you said will not hit the mark."

Could the implication be that this huge luxurious yacht could still sink?

Su Luo stuck out her tongue and poked her head out of Nangong Liuyun's embrace to explore. She looked towards where Beichen Ying and them were, and somewhat curiously asked: "What are they doing?"

"Suppressing the waterspouts." Nangong Liuyun led Su Luo along by the hand, his mood was extremely relaxed: "Do you want to go and have a look? These few guys normally live like princes, it's rare for them to use their strength. We ought to have a good look, there are not many opportunities of this kind."

The always terse, laconic and 'silence is golden' Nangong Liuyun would only say long sentences in front of Su Luo. Also, only she was worth him spending a lot of patience to come over to entice and coax her.

Since this was a rare opportunity, naturally, she would not miss it. Su Luo hurriedly nodded her head. She cast Nangong Liuyun's hand aside and ran towards the place where Beichen Ying and them were located.

That place was at the bow of the ship, it could let her clearly see the situation on the sea surface up ahead.

Nangong Liuyun pampering and spoilingly followed behind her, at any time, he was prepared to protect her well. Yet, he completely disregarded the pile of women lying on the ground with almost all the bones in their bodies shattered into pieces.

Su Luo could clearly see, that ahead, for as far as the eye could see, there were huge whirlpools that appeared on the sea surface. They looked like the wide open, bloody maw of a beast of prey showing off their strength by casting sidelong glances at them.

In the distance, Su Luo saw a ship that was dodging left and right, but finally, it was still swept up by the waterspout. It disappeared completely in a flash, not leaving behind even a bit of a trace.

That ship was about fifty meters long. Although it wasn't comparable to their current yacht, it also wasn't considered that much smaller. However, with just the effort of the blink of an eye, it was engulfed completely. This made Su Luo unable to help but to start to be more serious and prudent.

"Afraid?" Nangong Liuyun calmly stood by her side, he reached out his hand to encircle her waist and fastened her to his chest.

Threads of silken hair which were black as ink and were like ribbons, poured down in torrents. A light breeze brushed past, bringing a burst of a good scent that was the sweet scent of jasper flowers. He looked at her deeply and enticingly, unblinkingly watching her. It appeared as if he was looking at the most precious treasure.

Su Luo looked at him, then turned her head again to look at the waterspouts that reached the sky.

The rolled-up waves on the sea surface were like hundreds of flowers, forcing the huge yacht to lean east, then almost fall to the west. The huge waves that hit the hull caused an earth-shattering water screen, sending out bursts of booms and rumbling sounds. They were surrounded by perils which almost couldn't be avoided or fled from.

Those black waterspouts seemed to be terrifyingly sinister and murderous-looking.

In front of nature's anger, at the time where the large waves covered the sky, mankind just seemed so insignificant.

Su Luo looked ahead, and indifferently said: "Not that frightening." Because with him here, he wouldn't let her have an accident.

Just at this moment, the originally steady hull of the yacht, all of a sudden, shuddered violently. Huge waves, one after another, again rushed over to attack. Those huge waves that covered the sky swirled the yacht up high and once again threw it down heavily.

With Nangong Liuyun acting as her shield, Su Luo nestled into his side, her body actually didn't even move a little bit.

While those few women brought by Beichen Ying and them had long ago taken the rope the sailors tossed to them.

One end of the rope was tied to the hull of the yacht, while the other was tied around their waist. Thus, even though it would be extremely painful to be thrown up high and fell down, but at least, they wouldn't be thrown off the ship. They could still save their life.

In this perilous situation, Su Luo's gaze landed upon Anye Ming and Lan Xuan's body.

1) crow's beak: A person who made an inauspicious remark.