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Chapter 339 – Playboy (10)

Chapter 339 - Playboy (10)

Before, because of his ambiguous words, that seemed right but were wrong, it caused everyone in Su Manor to misunderstand. It was to the extent that everyone thought His Highness Prince Jin had feelings for Su Qing. This thus lead to a series of misunderstandings, until finally, Su Qing flew into a rage from the humiliation and challenged her to a life and death duel.

Su Luo smiled faintly: "It was she, herself, who was too narrow-minded, it had nothing to do with you. You must not take the blame and place it on your own body."

Beichen Ying stealthily peeked a glance at Nangong Liuyun, seeing his stiff expression, he immediately curled up, shivering. All of a sudden, he took out everything he carried on his body and gifted it to Su Luo: "No need, sister-in-law, you needn't be so polite. If you continue to be this polite, then it would be someone's turn to be impolite to me."

After stuffing it all into Su Luo's hand, he immediately turned around and slipped away. He ran away faster than a rabbit.

That blue brocade-robed youth had a slight examining look as he glanced at Su Luo. His eyes carried a smile and said to Nangong Liuyun: "Last time, Beichen Ying's father dragged him by the ears home to make him do penal servitude. Could it be that that was your masterpiece?"

Nangong Liuyun swept him a cold glance, and declined to comment: "He is too noisy."

The brocade-robed youth was speechless and spread out his hands.

Sure enough, this man was extremely petty and narrow-minded. He wouldn't even eat a little loss, finished thinking, his gaze again went towards Su Luo, though it had a little less of an examining expression. Now, it had a somewhat more amiable expression.

In the time it took to speak, the luxurious yacht left the shoreline, setting out and advancing towards the vast ocean.

Nangong Liuyun and that blue-robed youth walked to the side. The two of them seemed to have something to talk about. Su Luo very tactfully walked over to the side with a row of seats that was not far away, and randomly picked an empty chair to sit in. Her gaze roamed to a far away distance, surveying the scenery in the distance.

Now, it was already close to nightfall. Numerous red clouds stretched out as far as the eye could see, like an unrolled, scarlet, silk fabric, the scene was as dazzling as fireworks.

Su Luo was just sitting, very quickly, a person seized the opportunity and sat down by her side. Su Luo turned her head back to look, and saw that the person who came was Beichen Ying, someone she was familiar with.

Su Luo had a very good impression of this lively, unaffected, red-robed youth, that at the pivotal moment, had supported her.

"Why aren't you going over to play together with everyone?" This dreaded president of the Mercenary Union that had frightened everyone, was now smiling until two of his little canine teeth showed, looking like the sunny boy next door. However, Su Luo knew that if this person was to be vengeful, he was also a master killer who cut down people decisively.

Su Luo smiled faintly: "Not familiar and also not accustomed to it."

Beichen Ying held his arms while looking at Su Luo. Having heard what she said, he suddenly smiled and leaned close to her side: "Sister-in-law need not be accustomed to it. Letting them get used to you will be just fine."

These words were said full of self-confidence like making a solemn vow, clearly, it was because of honoring Nangong Liuyun. Calling Su Luo with some inquisitiveness, he continued to ask: "Able to become Nangong Liuyun's sworn brother, they are also not some simple characters right?"

"Oh? On your way here, did Nangong Liuyun not mention it?" A touch of astonishment flashed through Beichen Ying's eyes. It seemed to him, since Nangong Liuyn cared so much about Su family's fourth girl, then surely they will tell each other everything, right?

Su Luo recalled that on the way here, Nangong Liuyun had sat behind, her constantly trying to provoke and tease her. A touch of scarlet flashed across her face. She made a sound of clearing her throat and sternly said: "Maybe it was because he forgot? Having you tell me is also the same."

Beichen Ying also felt that it was necessary to fill in the information for Su Luo once thoroughly.

"Has sister-in-law heard of one city, two palace halls, three palaces, four sacred places?"

"One city, two palace halls, three palaces, four sacred places?" Su Luo's eyes flashed and somewhat astonishingly glanced at Beichen Ying. Soon after, a trace of understanding flashed across Su Luo's beautiful eyes.

No wonder these youths could become sworn brothers with Nangong Liuyun. So as it turned out, every one of their background was not very small.

One city, two palace halls, three palaces, four sacred places, it was this continent's most formidable ten huge powers. Among them, Purgatory City was the number one power.