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Chapter 338 – Playboy (9)

Chapter 338 - Playboy (9)

The blue-robed youth didn't expect that Nangong Liuyun would be this serious. His face froze for a moment in a dumbfounded expression, then, he smiled. In a well-behaved manner, he called Su Luo 'Sister-in-law' and became more affectionate towards her.

"I'm not your sister-in-law, and also, don't have any relation to him. Don't just randomly shout out a title at someone." Su Luo thought about it and pushed Nangong Liuyun away by a step, then followed closely by trying to explain it once thoroughly.

The blue-robed youth, seeing this, suddenly laughed. He lifted an eyebrow towards Nangong Liuyun and laughingly said: "Oh, second older brother, has this not been settled?"

The white-robed youth also followed immediately with a kindly smile: "It seems so. No wonder Nangong Liuyun was so busy recently, to the point even his shadow couldn't be seen, let alone the person."

"Wow!" Clearly, nobody expected that the always outwardly cold Nangong Liuyun would actually declare such a naked confession, and so publicly. Immediately, the people at the scene started to get riled up, pair after pair of probing and measuring eyes gathered on Su Luo's body.

They always thought that Nangong Liuyun, in this lifetime, would just be like this; avoiding debauchery, remaining chaste with his advanced stage of mysophobia, not fond of having women be near him. However, they never anticipated that Nangong Liuyun who didn't sing, would become an instant sensation when he sang (1).

Su Luo heard the joking manner between them, in her heart, she had some doubts.

Nangong Liuyun was what kind of identity? When he was at Su Manor, Su Zian worshipped him like a god, with merely a coughing sound, her cheap old man was like someone being scared by a tiger's roar.

However, the few people in front of her eyes, each and every one of them was very handsome, talented, glowing with health and vigor. If you placed them outside, each and every one of them would be giants among men. Moreover, just looking at their manner, they appeared to be very familiar with Nangong Liuyun, they also called each other brothers. Don't know what the identity of these people was. But, she was certain their background and influence were definitely not small.

At this moment, don't know from where, Beichen Ying popped out, dressed in an all red, embroidered robe. He saw Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, and barged his way into the crowd around them. His entire face and eyes were full of pure smiles: "Sister-in-law, I just knew that you would come. You coming is simply too right!"

"Uh?" Faced with such an enthusiastic and warm Beichen Ying, as if they very familiar, Su Luo was puzzled. What did he mean by saying that having her come was simply too right?

"What 'who, who'? Bring it here." Beichen Ying lifted an eyebrow, with a self-satisfied smile, he held out his hand.

"Just like you to bother about this little thing, take it!" The blue robed youth on the side humphed twice and tossed a green-crystal stone to Beichen Ying.

So as it turned out, Beichen Ying and the blue robbed youth had made a bet about whether Nangong Liuyun would bring Su Luo out, in the end, naturally, it was Beichen Ying who won.

Beichen Ying tried to win favor using someone else's property, and catching that green-colored crystal stone, he gave it to Su Luo: "Sister-in-law, a very small gift on our first meeting, please kindly accept it."

The people here, except for Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo had only ever seen the red-robed Beichen Ying before.

Still recalling the last time when he arrived at Su Manor, he was strutting around with such a blustering appearance, he scared those people in Su Manor until they wouldn't dare to even breathe out. She remembered that Beichen Ying came from the unfathomable, enigmatic Beichen family.

"Not going to accept a reward that's undeserved, since it was won by you, then you should take it." Su Luo smiled while waving her hand.

Perhaps as far as others were concerned, a green-colored crystal stone was very precious. Yet, because she had the little divine dragon, and had also accepted Old Chen, who back in the old days had the title of 'king of crystal stones',as a subordinate, therefore, regarding crystal stones, Su Luo had never lacked for them.

However, the others watching did not know this, seeing Su Luo refuse the green-colored crystal stone without even batting an eye, the expression in their eyes showed that their evaluation of her had become higher.

Beichen Ying smiling happily while stuffing the green-colored crystal stone into Su Luo's hand: "Sister-in-law, just take it. This crystal was won by me through a bet, just accept it as an apology for the matter from last time." Saying this, Beichen Ying snuck a glance at Nangong Liuyun, that appearance was like a mouse having seen a cat.

Su Luo naturally knew what matter he was referring to.

1) who didn't sing, would become an instant sensation when he sang: is an idiom saying this person never did anything like this before and when he suddenly did it he did in such a way that it shocked people.