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Chapter 332 – Playboy (3)

Chapter 332 - Playboy (3)

In this world where the strong rules, she must constantly become stronger and continuously exceed her own limits. Only this way would she be able to stand among the forest of the strong. and then stand at the summit of the strong.

Su Luo had both arms crossed in front of her chest. Her gaze was frigid and she lightly swept Su Qing a glance: "Life and death duel? Su Qing, did you not get it wrong?"

Life and death duel, once you stood in the ring, if one side did not die, then no winner could be determined. Even if one side admitted defeat, it was still no good. This was a battle where if one person did not die, it would never end.

Therefore, it was only for deep enmity and great hatred, otherwise basically no one would lay down a life or death condition before entering the ring of a life and death duel.

And yet, the first thing out of Su Qing's mouth was a life and death duel, not leaving even a little bit of leeway for the opponent. It could be clearly seen how deep the resentment and grudge in her heart was.

Su Qing's voice was as cold as ice, chilling through the bone: "You didn't mishear what I said. I really want to set down a written challenge for battle. A written challenge for a life and death duel. Do you dare to accept it?"

"Scoff--" Nangong Liuyun uttered a derisive sound, "A fourth rank martial artist issued a written challenge for a life and death duel to a third rank, and even in such a courageous and righteous manner. Indeed very interesting. Speaking of which, you felt no shame in suggesting this out loud. However, even this king felt ashamed just listening."

Nangong Liuyun's remark, these words, immediately made Su Qing's face turn very red. She resentfully and ashamedly turned her face away.

Finally, she let out a cold snort and merely glared at Su Luo: "Do you dare to accept? Don't dare to accept, then don't accept!"

Su Luo faintly smiled: "What's so hard about accepting it? But I have a condition."

"What condition?" Su Qing never expected that Su Luo really would dare to accept. A touch of astonishment flashed through her eyes, followed closely behind by her urgently asking, afraid they would be interrupted by others.

"This battlle must be set to three months later." Three months, with the assistance of medicinal pills and crystal stones, her cultivation would absolutely go up another level. The present her still have too large of gap from Su Qing.

She wanted to give herself a chance, she thought to test to what degree her cultivation could progress under the force of these kind of circumstances.

"Three months?" Su Qing sneered repeatedly: "Good, then just after three months! Su Luo, I'm really looking forward to your performance!"

Three months? Could it be she still believed that in a period of three months, she would be promoted from the third rank to the fourth rank? Really ridiculous!

Even if she really finally got promoted to the fourth rank, then again, so what? At that time, she would have already reached the middle or maybe the peak of the fourth rank. In the same manner, she would still effortlessly and easily eliminate her!

As for His Highness Prince Jin, that hurdle... Humph, His Highness Prince Jin was again not a forever dedicated kind of person. A three month period was enough for him get tired of playing with her. At that time, maybe he would still praise her that she did good.

Nangong Liuyun's sword-like eyebrows knotted coldy. He took a quick, annoyed glance at Su Luo. However, Su Luo shook her head at him.

The arrow was already on drawn on the bow, so she had no choice but to shoot it. Su Qing had put forth the life and death duel in front of so many people. If she didn't accept it, from now on, her days would be an unbroken succession of public attempts to kill and assassinate her. Since they were all battles, then why shouldn't she just set a time? Within this period of time, she should strive very hard to cultivate, right?

Nangong Liuyun coldly snorted in his heart, but very quickly, he smoothed out his eyebrows.

Humph, humph, if at that time Luo girl didn't have the odds to beat Su Qing, then he would personally undertake the task and directly kill Su Qing just like that. Why would there be so much wasted words? Having thought up to here, Nangong Liuyun felt relieved soon after.

Su Qing and Su Luo's life and death duel actually made Su Zian extremely anxious.

On one side was Su Qing whom he normally doted on and held in high regards from before. On the other side was Su Luo who rose abruptly because Nangong Liuyun fancied her. This made things exceedingly difficult for him.

Returning to her courtyard, Su Luo contemplated if she should have Lu Luo test at the Spirit Testing Temple.

After all, Lu Luo was always very loyal. In the future, Su Luo's cultivation would continue to rise. If Lu Luo was to make no headway in her cultivation, then in time, she would not be able to keep up with her footsteps.