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Chapter 331 – Playboy (2)

Chapter 331 - Playboy (2)

Since the start, Su Qing had stood quietly aside, watching the melodrama unfold with ups and downs, then the complicated twists and turns of this great play from start to finish. In this play, she was the very first one to be kicked out becoming an eliminated cannon fodder. She was discarded so cleanly that there wasn't even a speck left as a remainder.

Before, no matter if it was at home or at her teacher's place, she was always the star that everyone revolved around. There never was anyone who could steal the spotlight that belonged only to her. Even by the person considered to be courted by His Highness Prince Jin it would also be out of the question!

She could not allow herself to be insulted like this. All the pride she had in her body since birth would absolutely not allow her to bow down her head.

Looking at Su Luo, a killing intent flashed through Su Qing's beautiful eyes that were clear, tranquil and cold.

"Su Luo! I challenge you!" Within the quiet hall, Su Qing's ice-cold voice drifted out, carrying an icely arrogance that would absolutely not tolerate rejection.

The first person to react was Su Zian. Just a moment ago, he was still immersed in a beautiful dream that he wove himself. Now all of a sudden, he heard these words from Su Qing, and immediately, his eyes jumped and he loudly chided: "Qing'er, what nonsense are you talking about? Quickly shut up!"

Because of His Highness Prince Jin's concern and care for Su Luo, now, her position had shot up immediately, who dared to move against her the slightest? Did you not want to live anymore? Su Zian was angered beyond reason by Su Qing.

Su Qing paid no mind to her father berating her. Her ice-cold gaze merely remained fixed on Su Luo, like a poisonous snake biting down tightly and not letting go: "Life and death duel! Su Luo, do you dare to accept this challenge?"

She had simply gone insane!

Su Zian was furious to the point of nearly being hopping mad. He rigidly glared at Su Qing, with one hand slapping towards her: "Life and death duel? The two of you are flesh and blood sisters! Why speak of a life and death duel? You want to die, I will help you accomplish this right now!"

Not even mentioning that Su Luo was now being shielded by His Highness Prince Jin, just this information alone, if it were to spread out, would immediately turn them into a laughingstock in the entire capital.

To what degree had this hatred reached so they had to use a life and death duel among sisters to end this hatred?

This was the reason why Su Zian, without further ado, rejected the demand.

Even though the corner of Su Qing's mouth was bleeding from Su Zian's slap, her gaze was still as cold and dark as a poisonous snake, unwaveringly fixed on Su Luo. Stressing every syllable, she said: "Su Luo, do you dare? If you refuse, then you simply are not fit to receive His Highness Prince Jin's affection! You are a coward! You, are, unworthy!"

Today, she was repeatedly refused, ridiculed and humiliated. This was the greatest shame for Su Qing since birth. Now, she must use blood to purge this shame. Otherwise, this would become the greatest devil in her heart for the rest of her life. In the future, when she would get caught by the devil in her heart, she would not be able to make any progress in her cultivation.

Nangong Liuyun's sword-like eyebrows knotted slightly, his ice-cold phoenix eyes swept towards Su Qing. He opened his mouth and said frostily: "If you want to die, do not be anxious, this king will help you accomplish this."

Su Zian's heart jumped up violently for some time.

If His Highness Prince Jin wanted to kill someone, that would be simply like being marked for death by Yama the King of Hell, no one would be able to escape this!

Su Zian once again pulled back his hand to slap at Su Qing's face, his furious voice bellowed: "Quickly shut up! People, come, drag Su Qing away and lock her up!"

Su Qing's mouth hooked into a sinister, fierce sneer, her gaze unblinkingly stared at Su Luo: "You coward! Su Luo, basically, you are just a good-for-nothing! Waste! Idiot! Coward! You are afraid of me. You simply could not defeat me! Ha ha ha ha--"

Su Luo knew that Su Qing was using insults to push her into a rash action. If she was clever enough, she could totally hide behind Nangong Liuyun's body and let him handle Su Qing.

Right now, she could rely on Nangong Liuyun, leaving aside whether she could afford to repay him for this favor or not. But if she did that now, in the future could it be that whenever she come across someone stronger than herself, she would need to rely on Nangong Liuyun? For all of eternity?

However, the assassin side from her previous life told her: when relying on a mountain, the mountain would collapse. Depending on a person, that person would run away. Nobody could be more reliable when compared to herself.