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Chapter 330 – Playboy (1)

Chapter 330 - Playboy (1)

Su Luo really never thought that Nangong Liuyun would go to this extent just for her.

Since the beginning, he had set up this scheme to trap Su Wan, advancing step by step and trapping her more with every step. First, he had let her reach heaven, and then he threw her down from such great height. Following that, he once again lifted her up to the heavens to once more threw her down from that great height. She was half-dead from falling the second time, and only then did he tell her the truth. Afterwards, he made her face the way she was about to die while she was still alive.

She was a nobody, yet among the population, he would actually go to this extent just for her.

People were not vegetables, if one were to say that Su Luo's heart wasn't a little bit moved, that would be impossible.

Nangong Liuyun glanced back and saw that Su Luo looked dazed as she gazed at him, her pair of eyes carried an affectionate regard. A touch of joy flashed across his face, and with a spoiling and indulgent manner, he hooked the tip of her nose with his finger: "This king's little princess is really moved this time right? You should be reassured that after our marriage, this king will treat you even better. Do you believe me when I say that I will spoil you to the sky?"

"I don't believe it." Su Luo snappily glared at him, how could this person be so thick-skinned?

"Then you should marry this king and try it." Nangong Liuyun used a wheedling, childish tone while tugging at Su Luo's little hand. His face was covered in a pitiful expression.

"Not going to marry you" Su Luo shook off his hand.

Nangong Liuyun's face had a wounded expression and he looked at Su Luo with some recrimination: "Such a heartless girl, we have already shared the same bed, how can you be like this and not take responsibility!"

Once these words were out, the people in Su Manor who had originally been gaping blankly at their interaction were all once again dumbfounded.

The three veins on Su Luo's forehead bulged and pulsated. She quickly turned her head around and glared at Nangong Liuyun. She bit down hard on her teeth and stressing every syllable to say: "I demand that you shut up!"

She just knew it! She just knew that he would not let last night's matter be so easily swept under the rug!

However, she never would have thought that this shameless guy would actually do this under thousands of pairs of eyes and in front of everyone's face. Saying this kind of words!

What was called sharing the same bed? They had merely been covered in blankets and were simply chatting, okay?

What was called taking responsibility? Had she really done anything to him?

The little her in Su Luo's heart was about to be driven mad.

Nangong Liuyun would never be satisfied with small gains. His moist, glossy, liquid-like red lips were alluringly hot. His bright, limpid, peach blossom-like eyes looked at Su Luo with reproach. The accusation in his eyes was so obvious, it made people feel like Su Luo was a bad woman that had arbitrarily used him, then had indiscriminately discarded him.

Su Zian was nearly shocked with disbelief, He looked at the scene in front of his eyes with a shocked and stupefied expression. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn't believe it.

No way, no way, no way. How could this man that was feigning pitifulness to get some sympathy be His Highness Prince Jin, that evildoer? Absolutely not him! It was absolutely impossible!

Su Zian got his act together then let out a slight coughing sound: "Your Highness Prince Jin..."

Without completing the sentence, he had interrupted the Nangong Liuyun who was in the midst of brewing an affectionate mood. His eyes coldly swept towards Su Zian, it was like blocks of ice which had successfully condensed for millennium. Immediately, the last part of the sentence that Su Zian had wanted to say froze in his throat. He was unable to say another word.

How extremely complicated was Su Zian's mood in his mind right now, only he would know.

All these years, he had always regarded Su Luo as a good-for-nothing. He never once cared about her one bit. However, in the end, he would never have expected that His Highness Prince Jin, whom he had tried very hard to curry favor with, would actually treat Su Luo favorably.

No, not merely treating her favorably, His Highness Prince Jin was spoiling and indulgent towards Su Luo, to the point of having no bounds. He was almost at the point of seeing, hearing and obeying her to whatever extent she desired.

Only, was this real? Or was this merely another scheme of His Highness Prince Jin, wanting to deceive other people and putting on this false facade?

Su Zian had no choice but to have this kind of suspicion because of self-doubt. Because just a moment ago, that series of events was sufficient to prove how enigmatic His Highness Prince Jin was, with entirely unpredictable mood swings.