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Chapter 327 – Returning to Su Manor (27)

Chapter 327 - Returning to Su Manor (27)

However... Against everyone's expectations, His Highness Prince Jin didn't get angry at all.

His Highness Prince Jin not only didn't get angry, on the contrary, he even smiled dim-wittedly. His face was full of happiness and bliss...Yes, that's right, it was exactly a blissful, happy and silly smile. This smile appeared on the face of His Highness Prince Jin, that was like Yama, the King of Hell, ice-cold and unsympathetic.

Moreover, his voice clearly carried a thread of currying favor with her and a trace of childishness, acting like a spoiled little boy: "You have, this king's Luo girl has just felt jealous."

Just listen to the words he said, simply too childish!

People who heard this almost had goosebumps.

This basically was not that savage and callous His Highness Prince Jin that was from their impression. Clearly, he had completely changed into another person.

However, Su Luo still hadn't bought into his act and unrestrainedly, she directly sat on the chair he was just sitting on. She took the teacup, and before she could pour the tea, His Highness Prince Jin had earlier already grasped the teapot and proceeded to politely pour the tea for her. His voice was extremely gentle and tender: "The tea is somewhat cold, drink less of it, later, this king will personally boil tea for you to drink."

Su Luo snappily glared at him: "Again, you want to tempt and coax me to go over? Definitely not listening to your deception."

"Where would I dare to deceive you? How about this king carry you over in a palanquin with eight bearers?" Nangong Liuyun smiled roguishly while moving closer to her.

"Dream on, you, move away from me!" Su Luo glared at him and she pushed him away from in front of her eyes.

The two of them acted as if no one else was present, going back and forth in a tit for tat. This was how they would normally interact with each other. However, in the eyes of the people nearby, this was too much of a shock. This was already something that words could not be used to describe.

Su Zian unwaveringly stared at the two people in front of his eyes who seemed to be chatting about trivial things. His brain went blank and was frozen, it seemed as if his thought process had forgotten how to keep turning.

Su Jingyu had his mouth opened wide, so surprised that he was simply godsmacked.

Madam Su's pair of eyes flashed with malicious rays. The embroidered handkerchief in her hand was nearly torn to shreds.

The eyes Su Qing used to look at Su Luo had a deep and cold killing intent.

The one who found it hardest to accept was really Su Wan....

She already didn't have Su Manor as a way out. The only person she could rely on for support was His Highness Prince JIn. But now, His Highness Prince Jin was exchanging flirtatious glances with Su Luo. However, just a moment ago, she had clearly asked His Highness Prince Jin to go kill Su Luo!

This...this simply was...

Now, the complicated mood in Su Wan's heart simply could not be described by words.

She merely thought that she was about to go insane.

No, no way, His Highness Prince Jin was hers. She absolutely could not let Su Luo snatch him away, absolutely would not permit it!

Su Wan, staggering along, climbed up from the ground. From the hair on top of her head, she pulled out a sharp, thin hairpin and directly stabbed towards Su Luo's throat: "Slut, I want to kill you--"

Su Wan was aggressive and her eyes had a malicious and crazy light. With her dishevelled hair, she looked somewhat malevolent and terrifying.

However, without waiting for her to get closer, when Su Luo still hadn't reacted, Nangong Liuyun directly flapped his sleeves and swept Su Wan far, far away.


One could only hear a violent crashing sound. Su Wan's entire person was gravely flung into the wall. The strength was so great that almost the entire room was shaking.

Under normal circumstances, it's only correct that she ought to slide down along the smooth wall.

But, since it was His Highness Prince Jin that acted, it just wouldn't be that simple.

One could only see that His Highness Prince Jin's strength had actually directly made Su Wan smash into the wall, forming a person-shaped deep indentation. Su Wan simply could not even fall down, her entire person, in that manner, hung on the wall.

"Cough, cough, cough--" Su Wan repeatedly coughed. One mouthful of blood after another burst out, seemingly as if it doesn't cost money coming from her mouth. After directly vomiting out more than ten mouthfuls of blood, she was barely able to stop it.