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Chapter 320 – Returning to Su Manor (20)

Chapter 320 - Returning to Su Manor (20)

Also, the Su Wan who looked like a fat pig now, how could she be the person His Highness Prince Jin was looking for? If His Highness Prince Jin really selected this kind of Su Wan, then it simply was...that his eyes were blind!

Su Zian disdainfully waved his hand: "Carry her away now without delay, looking at her is bad luck."

"Daddy--" Immediately, tears rolled out of Su Wan's eyes. She threw off the servant girl's hand and she launched over to hug Su Zian's thigh: "Daddy, save me, daddy--everyday, this daugher would only drink water, but don't know why this daughter would become this fat. Quickly, you should think of a way to save this daughter, daddy--"

Su Wan really couldn't understand, she simply did not eat many meals, yet how could this be the result, how could she change into the kind of appearance she had right now.

Now, with great difficulty, she could see her father to allow her see the sky again. How could she lose this opportunity? Otherwise, she really would be ruined for this lifetime!

Su Zian's expression was uncertain, with a frown, he said: "His Highness Prince Jin is here, you give me to be quiet. People come, bring her away."

Since she was not the person His Highness was looking for, he naturally would not be polite. What's even more, Su Wan...recalling the things he saw in that large fire from back then, he wished he could directly choke this daughter that disgraced him to death and forget about it.

Su Wan, with great difficulty, was able to be released, why would she give up so easily? One could only see her firmly hugging onto Su Zian's thigh. Hearing that His Highness Prince Jin was here, she turned around and complained tearfully towards Prince Jin, saying: "Your Highness, I beseech you to persuade my respectable father, to invite an Apothecary back to treat me. I really can't stand it anymore. I beg you."

Nangong Liuyun finally put down his teacup with a smile that was not quite a smile as he raised an eyebrow: "This person is?"

Su Zian forced a smile and said: "Incurring Your Highness's ridicule, this person is Su Wan. My third daughter, only a few days ago, a little matter occurred, therefore...People come, hurry and bring third Miss away!"

Under Su Zian's command, immediately, a group of extremely fierce and ugly servants approached. Holding onto Su Wan's hands and legs, they were just about to tow her away.

Su Manor's third Miss...all of a sudden, a dark intent flashed through Nangong Liuyun's mind. He unhurriedly lifted his hand: "Wait."

Such a soft short sentence, made these monster-like servants pause. They released Su Wan, doubtfully looking towards His Highness Prince Jin.

After Su Wan broke away from the control of those people, she knew even her father was also unreliable. Consequently, she staggered along, throwing herself towards Nangong Liuyun, crawling and groveling on the ground. Choking with sobs, she said: "Your Highness save me, I beg Your Highness to save me--"

Now, all the important people seeing this was struck dumb. Could it be that His Highness Prince Jin really had interest in this fallen woman Su Wan that was as fat as a pig?

If this matter was true, then His Highness Prince Jin's taste was rather too extreme, too heavy right?

Now everyone's gaze was focused on Nangong Liuyun's face, unblinkingly looking at him, deeply afraid of missing a trace of information.

Nangong Liuyun faintly looked at Su Wan, his pair of beautiful eyes concealed wickedness and charm: "Oh? Someone wants to harm you?"

"Yes! Someone put poison in my food, otherwise, I absolutely would not become this fat within a few days. Your Highness, I beg you to say a few good words for me to my father. A few words from you is more powerful than the thousand words I would say."

Su Wan's tears were packed, crying like the rain on pear flowers. Only, it was now a pity you couldn't make out a trace of beauty, matched to that extremely fat body, the more you looked, the more it would spoil a person's appetite.

Contrary to what one might expect, His Highness Prince Jin was actually not scornful, unexpectedly, he actually smiled.

Nangong Liuyun's jointed finger at once fastened onto the loop on the armrest of the chair. He faintly smiled and raised an eyebrow: "Maybe you made a mistake in some matters and received the proper punishment, right?"