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Chapter 319 – Returning to Su Manor (19)

Chapter 319 - Returning to Su Manor (19)

"Huh?" Su Zian completely did not understand the meaning in the sentence that His Highness Prince Jin just said. He looked at Nangong Liuyun with a perplexed expression, hoping that Prince Jin would say something to make it clearer.

Nangong Liuyun peacefully sat there, the joint in his fingers could be seen as he lightly pushed away the floating tea leaves inside the teacup with the lid. His eyes dropped slightly contentedly, saying: "You really just gave birth to only these two daughters that are wastes?"

Nangong Liuyun's tone which was light as a feather even carried a touch of smile, but in Su Zian's ears, when he heard these words, it made his soul shudder from the frost.

Prince Jin called Su Qing and Su Xi wastes, this point. Su Zian was unable to refute, because in front of Prince Jin's extraordinary and unsurpassed gifted genius, which person wasn't a waste?

Only, what was the meaning of Prince Jin's words? Could it be he still had a worthy daughter he could bring out?

Su Wan was already ruined, in this lifetime she could change her fortune, as for Su Luo...Su Luo? Don't know why all of a sudden the scene of Su Wan tattletaling to him on that day appeared in Su Zian's mind.

That day, Su Wan ran over to his study to look for him, repeatedly stating that Su Luo escaped and run away from home, that she went together with His Highness Prince Jin to Sunset Mountain Range together. Later, because of insufficient proof, it resulted in him leaving this matter unsettled, but now...

Suddenly, a thin line of perspiration appeared on Su Zian's forehead, Could it be that the person His Highness Prince Jin was looking for had always been Su Luo, and not Qing'er or Xi'er?

No way, no way, a giant mistake.

Based on Qing'er and Xi'er's, this kind of genius, also being called wastes by His Highness Prince Jin, Su Luo, that kind of genuine good-for-nothing, how could she enter His Highness Prince Jin's eyes? This was simply a fantasy story like the Arabian Nights, absolutely impossible, simply absurd!

However, His Highness Prince Jin was overbearing with an expression that said that if he didn't hand over the person, then he would massacre everyone in Su Manor. This attitude left Su Zian with no choice but to slant a meaningful glance towards Su Jingyu: "Didn't I tell you to go call over your younger sisters? Where's Luo'er? Where's Wan'er?"

No matter what, get those two girls to come over and let His Highness Prince Jin meet them. At that time, if he didn't like them, then wouldn't this matter be unrelated to Su Manor? Then, he would be able to send off this Asura from hell, right?

Today, Su Jingyu had suffered from a lot of very big shocks.

First, he was certain Su Qing could become Princess Jin, but who knew that this dream would be shattered. Then, he was certain Su Xi could become Princess Jin, the result was once again that his hopes and efforts came to nothing. Instead, Su Xi was mercilessly thrown out...

Now he was already stupefied, completely unable to understand the way that this enigmatic His Highness Prince Jin thought.

Hearing Su Zian's loud scolding voice, Su Jingyu momentarily returned to his senses and stammeringly said: "Third younger sister and fourth younger sister's place, that place, I was afraid there wasn't enough time, so I ordered some servants to go and inform about, I, I go there at once?"

Just at this time, the fragmented sounds of footsteps could be heard from outside.

Everyone looked towards the doorway.

Under the escort of a servant girl, Su Wan who was in poor health was helped inside.

In the split second when everyone saw her, they couldn't help but to stare with their eyes wide open. Then, they turned their eyes away.

In merely a very short time, Su Wan's entire person had completely changed.

Before, her body was slim and graceful like the morning drew. Although one could not say she was the at the peak, but she was also a rare beauty.

However now, her entire person was extremely obese, compared to her past look, it was like she had plumped up a full circle. While she was walking, the fat on her whole body was quivering.

Oh heavens, was this still that slender and graceful Su Wan? The her now was basically a fat pig!

It simply made people feel this scene was too pitiful to behold.

Su Zian furtively looked at that aloof and remote His Highness Prince Jin. His Highness Prince Jin was as before, calmly drinking his tea. That indifferent appearance seemed to say that the person he wanted to find was obviously not Su Wan.