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Chapter 314 – Returning to Su Manor (14)

Chapter 314 - Returning to Su Manor (14)

However, in a split second, Su Qing's complexion became deathly white. Wherefore would she still have a trace of bashfulness? That pair of clear, cold and beautiful eyes were opened wide, rigidly staring at His Highness Prince Jin. Her eyes were full of disbelief.

"What, what are you saying? The person your Highness wanted to see, isn't it Qing'er?" The corner of Su Zian's mouth stiffened, muttering the words.

He felt his own brain going completely blank. He was as stiff as an iron rod, simply incapable of thinking anymore.

Nangong Liuyun harshly tossed the teacup onto the table, with a frown he coldly said: "This king doesn't care about your Qing'er or Zhuo'er (1). Do you still remember what this king said before?"

"Your Highness said, 'you should call your daughter to come over'..." Su Zian rigidly recalled, only he found that his brain's reaction was very slow, it was wooden and blank.

"In that case, what was it that you did?" Nangong Liuyun impatiently berated, "The person this king wanted to see is a certain young lady in your home. You called over a random, starry-eyed, infatuated flower to deal with this king? Su Zian, you have great courage."

Disordered, random, flower, starry-eyed infatuated? Su Qing's normally pale face immediately became so white as to lack all color. Her body was as stiff as iron, like a wooden board sticking out from a pile, unmoving.

His Highness Prince Jin had actually said she was starry-eyed and infatuated...starry-eyed and infatuated...

These two words circled around in Su Qing's mind uninterrupted, they expanded then magnified endlessly, and again they enlarged...

Su Jingyu and Madam Su were also stupefied. They foolishly and blankly stared at His Highness Prince Jin. Seeing His Highness's anger, even a trace of chill appeared in their hearts .

Su Jingyu summoned up his courage and trembled uncontrollably as he asked: "Your, Your Highness, isn't Qing'er the person you wanted to see? Aren't you and Qing'er..."

"Are we what?" A frosty light flashed through Nangong Liuyun's eyes.

Su Jingyu nervously swallowed some saliva, at last summoning his courage, he asked in a whisper: "The person you want to marry...Could it be she isn't Qing'er?"

Having heard what was said, Nangong Liuyun at first was startled, then he was once again irritated.

With a ridiculing and sarcastic manner, he pointed at Su Qing, saying in genuine disbelief: "Are you all insane? Bringing this kind of starry-eyed, infatuated idiot to be placed on equal terms with this king? In you people's eyes, this king is just like a blind person? Su Zian! You have great courage!"

Having heard these words, Su Zian didn't have the mind to bother with other stuff, as he immediately kneeled in fear and trepidation: "Your Highness, please calm down, Your Highness, please calm down ah! It was all because this useless person is ignorant. Having heard some nonsense from outside, and just took it as truth. I hope Your Highness will be magnanimous, you must by all means calm down."

Momentarily, Su Qing's entire person was stupefied.

If was said that just a moment ago she still had a little delusion regarding His Highness Prince Jin, then now, her beautiful dream was thoroughly smashed into pieces. Moreover, it would never be put back together.

She thought it over countless times, no matter what, she could not imagine that in His Highness Prince Jin's eyes, unexpectedly, she was this kind of person....starry-eyed, infatuated, idiot, a waste...Weren't these labels belonging exclusively to Su Luo? How did it get stuck onto her body?

Su Qing wanted to cry, but found her own brain dazed and stunned, not even one tear would fall out. She merely felt stupid and stood there blankly. The surrounding atmosphere made her feel suffocated, it was so oppressive that she nearly fainted.

She stupidly stared at His Highness Prince Jin, whereas the receiving party regarded her as a pair of worn out shoes. In his eyes, she was actually nothing...But just a moment ago, she still was hoping that this callous, fickle man would love her at first sight.

Ha ha, she really was too stupid and had too high an opinion of herself. This kind of man, why would he stop and stay because of a woman? How could it be possible!

Nangong Liuyun stingily didn't even glance at Su Qing, his indifferent expression swept towards Su Zian.

1) Qing'er or Zhuo'er - is a play on words. Qing in Chinese is clear while Zhuo is Chinese for turbid/muddy.