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Chapter 312 – Returning to Su Manor (12)

Chapter 312 - Returning to Su Manor (12)

Madam Su secretly thought with delight: She was definitely the daughter she gave birth to, as expected, extraordinarily charismatic.

All the people present had their betting gaze on Su Qing's body. She paid no attention to the bystander's gazes, but.... Su Qing covertly raised her eyes to look at Nangong Liuyun.

Seeing his pair of beautiful, black as ink eyes staring at herself, the crimson color she had curbed with great difficulty, with one brush once again appeared on top of her fair face. The sudden contrast of bashfulness against her skin repeatedly appearing was as gorgeous as the blooming cherry blossoms in March.

When Su Zian saw Su Qing's bashful, taciturn little appearance, he immediately started to laugh openly: "Ha ha ha, Qing'er, quickly come over to meet His Highness Prince Jin."

Su Qing bent her knees with eyes lowered, curtsying daintily towards His Highness Prince Jin: "Meeting with His Highness Prince Jin."

Nangong Liuyun's clear gaze cast her a shallow glance, his profoundly mysterious phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. Then he casually said, "Rise."

Nobody minded His Highness Prince Jin's coldness, they all felt it was very normal. Moreover, they also felt his manner was unusually amiable.

Madam Su smilingly looked at the people in front of her like a pair of jade annulus. The male was extremely handsome, the female was incomparably beautiful, they simply were an ideal couple, a match made in heaven. There wasn't anyone else that was even more suited. Good, good, it was really indeed exceedingly good.

The corner of Madam Su's mouth started to split open, her face had such a pleased smile that no matter what, she couldn't suppress it. It was truly like a mother-in-law watching her son-in-law, the more she looked, the more satisfied she became.

Su Zian unceasingly cast meaningful glances at Su Qing. Su Qing knew that this was her father signaling her to be on more intimate terms with His Highness Prince Jin. However, they simply were not that familiar. His Highness Prince Jin came for a visit, shouldn't it be him that took the initiative? How could they ask her to do it? Truly shaming a person to death.

She furtively shot a glance at His Highness Prince Jin, and saw his matchless handsome and eminent face which was like a Greek god of war. There was still his pair of eyes that was brighter than the stars, from its depths radiated faint rays of resplendent light. It revealed a peerless and exceptionally proud expression...

That she could be adored by this kind of man, it truly was good fortune accumulated from many of her lifetimes.

Never mind, since he took the initiative to come to her door, then she also ought to take the initiative to respond back, as was proper. After all, His Highness Prince Jin was someone from high above her, that he was able to come to her door was already way beyond her expectations.

Su Qing's heart was being very bashful, naturally. a little of it also appeared on her face. She shyly stepped forward and took the teapot. She poured tea into the white jade teacup that His Highness Prince Jin had set aside on the table, "Your Highness, the tea in the manor naturally is not as good as the ones in Prince Jin's Royal Manor. Please pardon its quality a bit."

Nangong Liuyun once again cast Su Qing a glance and with an indifferent tone, said: "Put it down, go sit on the side."

This woman was Luo girl's sibling, right? Alas, marrying Luo girl was really not easy. He still needed to restrain his temper and endure feigning civility with these random people. Nangong Liuyun thought somewhat impatiently.

Yet, when Su Zian saw this, his heart was elated. Yes, yes, sure enough, His Highness Prince Jin definitely had deep feelings and intention towards Qing'er. See, ever since His Highness entered the residence, he was the most pleasant towards Su Qing. He even granted her a seat, all these were sufficient to prove everything.

Before, Madam was still worried that what the Venerable Beichen had said was nonsense. Now, gathered together, it should not be false right? Thinking up to here, Su Zian raised a smug eyebrow at Madam Su. Madam Su pursed her lips and smiled, secretly nodding.

The husband and wife pair made eyes with each other under the gazes of everyone present. All of this was seen by Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun frowned with some annoyance.

Rumor has it that the natural disposition of the Great General that protected the nation was solemn, dignified and cold. Who could have anticipated that he would be this frivolous?

In addition, there was that Su Qing something, one heard that she was very noble and coldly elegant. However, just now from what he saw, how was she different from those starry-eyed, infatuated, idiotic women that were outside?