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Chapter 309 – Returning to Su Manor (9)

Chapter 309 - Returning to Su Manor (9)

"No matter who comes to our residence, older brother ought to be calm and unperturbed. You shouldn't be this worried and anxious, otherwise, how could father dare to hand over such a large place like Su Manor to you in the future?" Su Qing frowned, clearly, she was dissatisfied with Su Jingyu's conduct.

Su Jingyu was so anxious that he almost stomped his foot: "Why still be calm and unperturbed? His Highness Prince Jin! His Highness Prince Jin has come to our residence!"

"Who?" Su Qing's complexion immediately became sluggish as she gazed at Su Jingyu with a complicated expression.

"Who do you think it is? On this earth, can there be a second His Highness Prince Jin in existence?" Su Jingyu's anxious tone carried a touch of excitement, "Second younger sister, you are really too much. You and His Highness Prince Jin's relationship have already reached this stage, why did you conceal it from us this tightly? It even caught Mother and Father somewhat totally unprepared."

"Huh?" Su Qing was somewhat puzzled. Apart from last time when she found out from the Venerable Beichen Ying's mouth that His Highness Prince Jin had a favorable impression of her, recently, she hadn't even seen His Highness Prince Jin ah....

Su Jingyu was so excited that he was nearly ready to dance in circles. He happily said: "His Highness Prince Jin brought over a lot of gifts. Saying he heard that a small matter had happened in our manor, so came to visit with this purpose in mind. In fact, we all know that His Highness Prince Jin for sure came here in order to see you. Let's go, why waste your time with a good-for-nothing. We should go see His Highness Prince Jin now without delay."

Su Jingyu disdainfully swept Su Luo a glance, then he pulled Su Qing away and left immediately.

Now, even though Su Qing's face was still as cold as frost as before, however, her eyebrows and eyes were hanging low, giving off a nervous, bewildered and bashful appearance. No matter how you look, she resembled a young lady yearning for love. Where would she still have a little bit of the manner of an ice beauty.

Seeing older brother pulling second older sister along as they quickly left, a touch of resentment flashed through Su Xi's eyes.

His Highness Prince Jin, how could His Highness, that kind of god, start to like second older sister? Even though second older sister was indeed very good, but...originally, she thought that because she was marrying the crown prince she would be the happiest and most noble woman in the world. However, compared to His Highness Prince Jin, the position of an imperial concubine for the crown prince seemed to be of little value or interest.

If she was able to choose, of course she would also choose His Highness Prince Jin!

But, everyone knew that His Highness Prince Jin and the Jade Lake's fairy was a couple. How could he all of sudden fall for second older sister?

No matter how much Su Xi pondered, she was unable to understand. The more she thought about it, the more unreconciled she become. Finally, she hatefully glared at Su Luo and loudly cursed: "Blockhead! His Highness Prince Jin treats second older sister with deep devotion, totally infatuated. In a few days' time, second older sister will become Princess Jin. You must be dying from envy! Humph!"

Su Luo, with her hand on her chin in a thoughtful posture, she thoughtfully watched the pair of brother and sister as they gradually walked further away. Then, she swept a ridiculing glaze at Su Xi who was in front of her.

This matter would indeed be extremely interesting.

Through the disturbance Beichen Ying made last time, Su Qing had actually really believed that Nangong Liuyun harbored feelings for her? According to her interaction with Nangong Liuyun in the past few days, she never saw even a little bit of association between him and Su Qing. He simply didn't even ever bother to mentioned her.

Inside this zigzagging misunderstanding, it was indeed extremely amusing. If Su Qing knew that this was actually merely a mishap created by Beichen Ying, that indeed was...really looking forward to the fast change on her face.

Su Luo thought up to here and couldn't help uttering a 'pfff' sound of laughter.

Su Xi incredulously glared at Su Luo, using a looking-at-a-lunatic expression to glare at her: "You, such an idiot! Why are you foolishly giggling? Don't tell me you are not jealous or envious. That is His Highness Prince Jin, His Highness Prince Jin ah! Which girl in this entire world doesn't dream of being married to His Highness Prince Jin? You are still actually laughing? You are indeed an idiot."