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Chapter 308 – Returning to Su Manor (8)

Chapter 308 - Returning to Su Manor (8)

A portion of qi and blood rushed up from her chest, and Su Luo spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

At the moment, she dared not be rash, with 'clunk, clunk, clunk' sounds. her footsteps hurriedly fell back from the recoil. She directly moved back a distance of more than ten steps. Finally, her back severely hit the wall.

This collision directly knocked her qi and blood into turmoil. A metallic and sweet taste came from her throat, and suddenly, she spurted out another mouthful of blood.

Su Luo simply swiped away the bloodstain at the corner of her mouth, a pair of bright eyes stared at Su Qing.

Sure enough, third rank and the fourth rank was as different as the sky and the earth.

In addition, seeing the manner in which Su Qing struck just a moment ago, she clearly was not at the beginning of fourth rank. Instead, it appeared as if she was at the middle of the fourth rank.

Because when she was at the Sunset Mountain Range being hunted by the subordinates of the Jade Lake's fairy in order to kill her, the ones trying to kill her, if not at the third rank, then they were at fourth rank. As a result, with regards to martial artists at this rank, Su Luo was relatively more familiar with them.

At this moment, Su Qing shot Su Luo a glance, that pair of clear and attractive eyebrows actually wrinkled.

With regards to Su Luo being able to block that dagger from before, she was clearly extremely dissatisfied, owing to the fact that that dagger consumed seventy percent of her strength. She believed from the bottom of her heart that she could directly kill Su Luo on the spot.

However, even if it was like this, again, so what? Su Luo was simply not her opponent.

A ridiculing expression appeared within Su Qing's clever eyes: "Since you insist on courting death, then I will help you complete this wish."

Perhaps before, Su Qing still thought that Su Luo wasn't worth consideration. She only considered her to be a disposable ant, but now, she clearly had her attention fixed on Su Luo. She didn't plan on letting her go at this point.

She coldly humphed and once again struck towards Su Luo.

This time, she didn't use a weapon, rather, she condensed her spirit force into her right palm. Her right palm slapped directly towards Su Luo's face.

A moment ago, Su Xi had used this exact move and was kicked by Su Luo. Su Qing had seen it very clearly.

Now, since it was to help her younger sister retrieve back her dignity, naturally, using this strike was the best possible method.

Su Luo's eyes flashed and a cold intent appeared in her pupils.

Within this Su Manor, Su Qing and Su Xi would just treat her with such aggressiveness. Saying it bluntly, it was even to the point of wanting to kill her. They were truly bold, could it be that they were not even afraid of Su Zian?

No, a ridiculing, grim, smiling expression passed through Su Luo's eyes. Usually, Su Zian wasn't happy with her, and to add on top of that, with last time's affair, he was even more unhappy with her. If Su Qing really killed her, then he would immediately look for an excuse for Su Qing to be exonerated, right?

It was just like this, so Su Qing could have this kind of confidence and keep repeating the statement of wanting to kill her?

Facing the approaching momentum from that tumultuous palm strike, Su Luo once again released a large black handprint in midair. Staking it all today because of her serious injury, she absolutely also wouldn't let Su Qing have an easy time.

Just at this time, an angry voice sounded from outside of the door.

"Now, everyone just stop!"

Because of this voice, Su Qing's palm strike slowed down, then she withdrew it.

Su Luo also followed by withdrawing her own large handprint.

Both of them looked towards the place where the sound was coming from.

They only saw Su Jingyu walking quickly towards them from outside of the courtyard. His forehead was full of sweat. His nervous expression still carried a thread of worry, furiously saying: "What are you two doing right now? Still think the inside of the manor wasn't damaged enough?"

Su Qing frowned and was just about to speak, but was interrupted post-haste by Su Jingyu. One only saw Su Jingyu pull at Su Qing's hand and immediately start to walk away: "Second younger sister, your older brother has been looking for you for a long time and finally found you. Quick, quickly come with second older brother to the reception hall."

Su Qing unconcernedly shook off his hand, and in a cold, clear voice, said: "Older brother's temperament seems a little too anxious."

Unexpectedly, not only did Su Jingyu not listen to her input, instead, he was so anxious he nearly started to stomp his feet: "Second younger sister! You really can keep your composure. Do you know who came to our residence?" .