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Chapter 307 – Returning to Su Manor (7)

Chapter 307 - Returning to Su Manor (7)

As expected, after placating Su Xi, Su Qing's pair of ice-cold beautiful eyes were like sharp swords hurtling towards Su Luo. She used a scrutinizing gaze to cast a quick sidelong glance at Su Luo. With an impassive expression, she frowned and said: "You are that Su Luo?"

"Don't know what advice second older sister has?" Su Luo inscrutably met her probing gaze.

Su Qing cast a cold glance at her. It was quite clear that she still hadn't placed Su Luo's existence in her eyes. She merely gave a light but cold snort: "Didn't expect that you girl was able to conceal it so deeply."

Su Xi's strength wasn't at all lacking. Able to successfully force Su Xi to become like this, then Su Luo's cultivation was definitely above the third rank. However, what was baffling was that she couldn't sense even a little bit of the spirit aura on her body. This point, Su Qing was unable to understand even a little bit.

"Such a negligible cultivation of mine, how could it enter a cultivation expert's eye like second older sister's?" Su Luo's gaze was blase, the corner of her mouth moved slightly, and with a smile that was not quite a smile, cast a quick glance at Su Qing.

Su Qing's, that kind of arrogant aura of looking down at everything, was everywhere. Even though she already knew that Su Luo was not a good-for-nothing, still, the current Su Luo in her eyes was still the same existence as before, that of an ant. She basically didn't feel that Su Luo was worthy of her notice.

Naturally, Su Luo also didn't have a good opinion of her.

However, although Su Qing's expression was cool, compared to Su Xi's, it was much more horrible. Even though Su Xi was spoiled, rude and unreasonable, but her strength was shown right there. In addition, all of her emotions were exhibited on her face, at one glance, you could see through its depths.

In contrast, Su Qing regarded everything with an impassive expression. Her complexion was smooth and tranquil with an apathetic expression. However, she seemed like an enigma, nobody could guess what she was thinking.

Su Qing bitingly glanced at Su Luo, the corner of her mouth moved slightly: "You actually have some self-knowledge."

Her eyebrows lifted a tiny bit and was non-committal.

Su Qing coldly said: "Since it's like this, then kneel down and kowtow to Su Xi, acknowledging your mistake. Kowtow nine hundred and ninety-nine times, and I will spare you from death."

Kowtow nine hundred and ninety-nine times? Su Qing indeed was heartless.

Su Luo glanced at her with an unmoved expression, then she coldly said: "Second older sister, you are unaware of some things, the first person that made a move to injury someone was not me, but Su Xi."

Unexpectedly, Su Qing clearly nodded her head and coldly said: "She lost, naturally I will lecture her. As for you, you must kowtow and apologize."

She knew and yet still dared to be so demanding with her. It was truly two completely different standards. Su Qing was really emboldened by her backing. Su Luo laughed grimly in her heart, but it didn't show on her face as she coldly asked: "If not?"

Su Qing impatiently frowned: "Since just now, you disregarded sisterly relationship and even dared to try shooting Su Xi dead, in that case, then have a taste of my dagger."

She just finished speaking, and without waiting for Su Luo to respond, the dagger in her sleeve abruptly flew towards Su Luo. It targeted straight at the vital point on her throat!

The dagger split the air and came like a strong wind, didn't know how many times stronger it was when compared to Su Xi's move from before.

A fourth rank martial artist was really deserving to be called a fourth rank martial artist. Too far above when compared to a third rank.

However, a fourth rank martial artist wasn't someone Su Luo hadn't killed before. Her complexion sunk down, a sneer flashed through her thoughts.

Since Su Qing dared to strike, then today, let's have a look and finally see how difficult she was to deal with. See what kind of means and ability she had that let her be this arrogant!

Su Qing made a move before her words had even faded. That sharp dagger immediately aggressively shot directly towards Su Luo. Its movement followed a strange trajectory, simply impossible for a person to guard against.

Su Luo's hands intertwined together in front of her chest, condensing out a large black handprint. With a 'bang' sound, it smashed towards that dagger!

The huge, black handprint and the dagger rammed into each other. Immediately, Su Luo felt a burst of acute pain coming from the web between her thumb and forefinger...