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Chapter 300 – To come knocking for a fight (17)

Chapter 300 - To come knocking for a fight (17)

Seeing the muscles on Elder Ancestor Liu's face twitching from fury, Nangong Liuyun innocently asked: "Could it be that this king misspoke?"

How could it be wrong? Obviously it's right! The stake indeed was like this!

However, what made Liu Potian vomit blood was that before, he had felt that Liu Chengfeng had one hundred percent chance of winning, thus he had put down the bronze plaque as a stake for the bet. In actuality, if that bronze plaque had ended up in the hands of an exceptionally talented genius, not to say fifty thousand gold coins, even if it five hundred thousand gold coins, he would definitely buy it without blinking.

But now, what could he say? Say he was not going to let it be? He couldn't set this person aside...Liu Potian was about to bang his head against the ground.

Originally today, they came knocking on his residence to seek justice, he wanted justice. Before, he thought that even if he couldn't capture that thief, he could still demand back that cyan-colored crystal stone!

But who would have anticipated that a grand seventh rank expert, in Prince Jin's Royal Manor and in front of His Highness Prince Jin, was nothing but trash! He wasn't even worth a fart!

Today, not even mentioning demanding back the cyan-colored crystal stone, he had just advanced to the seventh rank today and should be overbearing and arrogant, but instead brought back a severe injury. Demons know when he would recover completely.

His healthy grandson had his hand severed at the wrist by the opponent, yet he was powerless to prevent it! Moreover, he was also powerless to avenge it! In addition ,that bronze plaque was a treasure passed on for generations in the Liu family, and like this, was lost in a bet by him...

The more Liu Potian thought about it, the more frustrated and angry he felt. The more he thought about it, the deeper his hatred. It was to the point where he could no longer hold it in and spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Grandpa--"Liu Chengfeng, with great difficulty, stopped the bleeding from his wrist. He had just raised his head when he witnessed his household's Sea Stabilizing Divine Needle, the most respected elder, throwing up blood non-stop. He was so frightened that his face turned pale and he flew over.

Now, Liu Potian wished he could throttle this rotten child Liu Chengfeng to death!

If he hadn't coveted that cyan-colored crystal stone and lied in front of him, everything that happened today would not have occurred, most definitely not!

In fact, Liu Potian also did not want to think, that if he himself hadn't lusted after that cyan-colored crystal stone, all this would not have happened.

"Grandpa--" Faced with Liu Potian's fiendish pair of eyes, Liu Chengfeng was nearly scared out of his mind. He could almost the future, at Liu Manor, there was no place for him to stand and establish himself.

"Get lost!" Liu Potian stuck out a foot to kick Liu Chengfeng.

When Liu Chengfeng was kicked flying, at the same time, Liu Potian once again couldn't suppress it and another mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth.

The floor was now covered in blood, all of the bloodstains were contributed by the Liu family's pair of grandfather and grandson.

Su Luo frowned, wasn't the smell of blood too strong? The odor really didn't smell that good.

Nangong Liuyun impatiently held his nose: "Guards come, quickly drag them away."

"Yes." Prince Jin's Royal Manor's guards, who had already been standing on the side, approached and dragged the pair of grandfather and grandson pair from Liu household away.

The grand and stately Prime Minister Liu's father, a majestic and stately seventh rank expert, in this sorry and pitiful manner, left the field. It was truly sad, pathetic and lamentable....

As a result, Liu family's grandfather and grandson had come aggressively, but left with their whole body spraying out blood.

This morning, when the Liu family's pair of grandfather and grandson came, they had made a ruckus, this therefore caused the surrounding people to watch on the side.

The crowd of people standing in a circle watching naturally wouldn't dare to enter Prince Jin's Royal Manor. However, they succeeded in surrounding the perimeter of Prince Jin's Royal Manor, waiting to watch a good play. This matter was still allowed.

Before Liu Chengfeng entered, he had flaunted loudly, showing off that his grandfather Liu Potian was a magnificent and grand seventh rank expert. His strength, in comparison, had already surpassed His Highness Prince Jin's in every way.

Thus, the surrounding crowd of people were all very curious. They were all guessing as to the result of Liu Elder Ancestor entering this way, whether he would he win or lose.