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Chapter 297 – To come knocking for a fight (14)

Chapter 297 - To come knocking for a fight (14)

The great Dimensional Imprint was number one in smashing.

She only knew how to smash.

But stupid methods also had their stupid advantages, she was just going to knock against Liu Chengfeng head on. Were they not competing with spiritual power? Were they not contesting on swallowing pills? This Miss still is not afraid of you.

Therefore, once Liu Chengfeng bit the last Spirit Restoration Pill and had none left, then the stage would belong to Su Luo alone.

"Bang--" A loud boom sounded.

The great Dimensional Imprint heavily smashed down, Liu Chengfeng, who had exhausted his spiritual strength, was basically powerless to stop it. He howled and brandished his fist, wanting to break apart that black shroud of a giant palm.

But, the him right now, without any spiritual strength, seemed so powerless.

The darkness pressed on his head and severely struck down, submerging Liu Chengfeng all at once.

Seeing his own precious grandson just about to lose, Liu Potian's eyes glinted viciously. He gathered power in his palm, suddenly thrusting a streak of blazing red-hot fire towards Su Luo.

This loathsome lad! Only by killing him on the spot, could the Liu family regain its dignity and retain the bronze plaque.

"Heinous Flame." Nangong Liuyun snorted heavily as his face hazed over with displeasure. Liu Potian had actually used such a move as Heinous Flame!

He actually dared to interfere with the fight and even dared to use the seventh rank killer technique Heinous Flame to deal with his Luo girl. He simply must have eaten an ambitious leopard's gallbladder(1) to court death!

"Ten Thousand Oceans Combination!" Though Nangong Liuyun was late in joining, his attack was faster. A massive waterball wrapped up the Heinous Flame.

Two great seventh ranked experts each launched a move.

Huge fierce collisions rumbled across and shook both the sky and the earth.

The waterball outside, with the flickering flames within, both elements were incompatible and fought with each other in an intense battle.

In the end, the crystal blue waterball annihilated everything, obviously proving that Nangong Liuyun was a cut above the other.

At the same time, that waterball continued to smash directly towards Liu Potian. Evidently, Nangong Liuyun's anger had not yet been appeased.

Liu Potian's eyes flashed with wrath! He never would have expected that the young Highness Prince Jin was actually already a seventh rank expert!

That's right, in order to annihilate his Heinous Flame, then, his Ten Thousand Oceans Combination must also be seventh rank. If not, it was definitely impossible.

No wonder, no wonder when encountering the same seventh rank as himself, Liu Potian, he could be so relaxed and contemptuous of him.... A seventh rank expert who was not even twenty years old, this sort of cultivation speed, was rare since ancient times. And those few who were such geniuses, had all left thick layers of ink in history, becoming existences admired and worshiped by the later generations.

Seventh rank Prince Jin, could he truly be so difficult to defeat? Liu Potian did not believe it!

He followed up with another move!

Nangong Liuyun narrowed his eyes, which flashed with a touch of bloodthirsty cruelty. Those that dared to bully his Luo girl, no matter who they were, better not even think that they could escape so easily.

The two people were each executing their best moves, battling in mid-air.

Nangong Liuyun smashed a solid punch into Liu Potian's chest, beating Liu Potian back, resulting in him staggering about. However, because Liu Potian wanted to maintain his dignity, he did his utmost to endured it without falling back. He smothered the sound of a groan and desperately forced the fresh blood that had bubbled up from his throat back down.

Nangong Liuyun's hands joined behind his back, shooting a cold glare at Liu Potian.

If he had gone with the momentum and retreated just now, easing the heavy bombardment on himself, then his internal injuries would still not be so serious. Yet, Liu Potian wanted to maintain his dignity to the last breath and swallowed down that mouthful of fresh blood. In that case, what awaited him would be the start of a nightmare. For this internal injury. if he didn't recuperate for a year or so, he could forget about walking out of the great doors of Liu Manor.

Liu Potian's hands were clenched into fists as he stared at Nangong Liyun in shock. He didn't understand why, despite both of them being at the same seventh rank, his strength was far from matching His Highness Prince Jin's! He could not accept this, he really could not accept this!

1) Eaten an ambitious leopard's gallbladder - become fearless / courageous to the point of overconfidence.