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Chapter 294 – To come knocking for a fight (11)

Chapter 294 - To come knocking for a fight (11)

Ice, using fire it could be overcome.

Su Luo sent out five fireballs in succession. Each of the fireballs charged forth formidably, in mid-air, they bound the ice sabers within them. The energies from the ice element and the fire element went berserk.

At the same level, there was no distinguishing between which element was stronger or weaker. However, nature clearly had elements that could subdue each other. Ice could be thawed by fire, it was like this naturally, and as a result, in a split second, the burning blaze very quickly melted the ice sabers into water droplets. Before the transformation was completed, a light smoke faded away into the atmosphere.

Fireball technique! Liu Chengfeng somewhat incredulously glared at the juvenile in front of his eyes. His expression became rather odd: "You are actually a fire system mage!" Unexpectedly, he was not a waste of a person. He had really underestimated him!

"Of course, specialized in subduing you, who is an ice system mage. What, afraid?" The corner of Su Luo's mouth lifted into a sneer, an unbroken succession of fireball technique attacked towards Liu Chengfeng.

In the beginning, because she was unaccustomed to it, the fireballs she created were very small. She was moreover very flustered when handling the fireballs, however, as the duration of the battle got longer Su Luo, became increasingly skilled with the technique. Her release of spirit power also became more agile.

Liu Chengfeng was caught unprepared by Su Luo's strikes, and he repeatedly stepped back. Nevertheless, he had stayed at the third rank for a long time and was basically at the peak of the third rank. His ice saber technique was naturally a little stronger than Su Luo's technique.

Once Liu Chengfeng returned to his senses, he easily released a continuous stream of ice sabers.

Five blades, ten blades, twenty blades...

Liu Chengfeng right away saw that the ice saber technique had no effect on Su Luo. An insidious expression flashed through his eyes, as all of a sudden, he clapped his hands together in a praying stance while murmuring something in his mouth. Finally, he shouted loudly: "Snow Blizzard Globe technique!"

Immediately, the center of Liu Chengfeng's large palm blazed with magnificent rays of light. An enormous snowball arose at this opportune time and suddenly smashed directly towards Su Luo!

The snowball was unsurpassably massive, and its surface seemed to be throbbing with spirit rays, extremely dazzling and almost made it impossible for people to open their eyes. It carried an ice-cold, bone-chilling frigidness that allowed people to imagine just how powerful this palm strike was. However, if you were crushed by that snowball, it was certain that not even your skeleton would be left behind.

The Snow Blizzard Globe technique required an enormous amount of spirit power, after Liu Chengfeng released this technique, the spirit power inside his body would be on the brink of being exhausted. Regardless, he didn't regret it even a little bit because he firmly believed that the huge snowball, with its absolute dominance, would crush his opponent. It would definitely crush his opponent into a meat patty.

Su Luo's mind was slightly shocked.

It was very evident that the little fireballs were already incapable of blocking the Snow Blizzard Globe technique! And also, right now, she simply could not condense out such a large fireball technique to combat her opponent's technique!

Must she accept being defeated in this way?

Certainly not! When had she, Su Luo, ever conceded defeat?

The fire element system was merely one portion of her strength. She still hasn't used one of her hidden trump cards the great Dimensional Imprint. Who would win and who would lose still hadn't been decided!

Just when the huge snowball weighing ten of thousands of kilograms smashed towards Su Luo with a thunderous sound and an imposing manner, Su Luo quietly released the great Dimensional Imprint.

Following Su Luo's promotion to the third rank, the originally soccer ball-sized handprint had now multiplied in size by almost tenfold.

The black, huge handprint seemed to have flown here from the outer boundary of the sky. A blackish mass pressed down from the sky above the huge snowball, and then it heavily smacked down!

For a moment, the black and white mass collided, in a flash, the energy exploded frantically. The great Dimensional Imprint immediately transformed into nothingness, while the huge snowball also, in this moment, collapsed and fell apart. It split into a pile of snow, falling and scattering on the ground.

Handprint! A large palm had actually appeared out of nowhere in the sky! This loathsome young boy actually had this skill kept in reserve.

Could it be that handprint from just a moment ago was the great Dimensional Imprint? It shouldn't be, the great Dimensional Imprint teachings had already vanished from this world. Even he had merely heard about it and had never really seen it before, how could this loathsome youngster possibly know it?

Only, Liu Potian's expression was still as serious as before, because he discovered that he actually couldn't see through this youngster.