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Chapter 293 – To come knocking for a fight (10)

Chapter 293 - To come knocking for a fight (10)

Liu Chengfeng looked towards Su Luo, sneeringly saying: "Give you one last chance, if you bow down to kowtow and admit defeat, I can still spare your life. Otherwise, if you wait until I personally do the job, then it would be hard to say what will happen to your life!"

"In a martial arts competition, it's life and death. The second young master from Liu family, be careful, so as to avoid your head being removed from your body while you are still jabbering on over there." How could Su Luo be a person who lost to others, immediately she mocked back at him in a smart-mouthed manner.

Liu Chengfeng sneered repeatedly. "Saying such a things as 'in a martial arts competition, it's life or death'! Such a shameless, boastful, loathsome little boy! Good, you are not afraid to die, then come and receive death!"

Having finished speaking, Liu Chengfeng. with a slight stroke, his sleeves was set adrift. A halo successfully condensed out from both of his hands that were in front of his chest. Very quickly, the air around his whole body was filled with water vapor. In the center of his palm, a thin, diaphanous ice saber appeared.

Liu Chengfeng, an ice system, was also a third rank mage and an expert in Ice Saber techniques.

Su Luo's eyes hesitated, if it was a contest of magical power, she had just been promoted to the third rank, so the odds of her success were too small. Only with a fight at close proximity, by relying on her previous world's assassination methods, would she have a great chance of winning this competition.

Not waiting for Liu Chengfeng to send out the ice saber, Su Luo had already taken the initiative to strike first. Her figure was as fast as lightning, during the time her blurred image flashed by, she had already charged straight towards Liu Chengfeng.

Su Luo's speed was too fast, it was so fast that it somewhat startled Liu Chengfeng.

From Liu Chengfeng's impression, Su Luo, all along, didn't have spirit power fluctuations. As a result he had always felt that Su Luo was easy to deal with, and that all he needed to do was to release an ice saber to proclaim the conclusion of this battle.

However, reality ruthlessly gave him a slap in the face.

Su Luo rapidly closed in on him while Liu Chengfeng actually fell back repeatedly.

At this moment, it was not only Liu Chengfeng, even Liu Potian now was also frowning somewhat. He didn't expect that the little waste material of an opponent would actually have additional tricks. However, he was full of confidence in Liu Chengfeng.

And at this moment, Su Luo was like an relentless shadow following after Liu Chengfeng. This was because only a fight in close proximity would her odds of success be great. It was where she would be able to create an opportunity to win.

Before, when Liu Chengfeng fell back, it was a subconscious movement on his part. Nevertheless, immediately after, he recovered his senses. The opponent had merely taken advantage of his speed to rush over, a useless person with only speed and no spirit power. What did he have to fear?

Having thought of this, Liu Chengfeng coldly snorted: "Not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, you really think I am afraid of you!"

Before he had even finished speaking, a row of three blades of ice sabers launched from his hand towards Su Luo's forehead.

The ice sabers glittered like frost and snow, moving as fast as light and were ten times sharper than the sharpest sword!

The three blades of ice sabers were arranged like the Chinese character . One above and two below, due to their speed being too fast, they issued 'zing, zing' sounds that split the air.

Two blades of ice sabers flew towards Su Luo's eyes. The top blade of ice saber shot straight towards Su Luo's vital point between her eyebrows!

The distance between the two was very close, and the ice saber had an ice-cold aura of death. It had a heavy force, if pierced by it, you would be blinded and promptly die on the spot!

Just at this critical moment, from Su Luo's feet upwards, she curved gracefully into the shape of a bow. Her figure suddenly shortened by a chunk. Those three razor-sharp sabers grazed very close to Su Luo's cheek as they passed.

Without waiting for Su Luo to recover, another five blades of ice sabers appeared within Liu Chengfeng's hand. Each of them glittered like frost and snow, full of awe-inspiring desire to commit murder.

"You were able to avoid it the first time. Let's see how you'll avoid it the second time!" Liu Chengfeng's disorderly hair flew up, a deranged killing intent appearing in his eyes, "Ice Saber technique, launch!"

Immediately, the air seemed to be confined by a gust of formless cold air.


Five blades of thin and diaphanous ice sabers flashed by like white rays of light. Their speed reached the peak, a sense of horror sweeping past in the blink of an eye.

She didn't expect that Liu Chengfeng, who seemed like a soft, weak, hedonistic son of rich parents, would have practiced the skill of Ice Saber technique to such a high degree.

When Su Luo saw this, her heart jolted a little, but she was still not afraid.